If you really love camping and you’ve been doing it for a long time, you are probably aching to bring your kids along for an exciting trip into the great outdoors. But how can you go about preparing your kids for their first-ever camping experience? Continue reading for a few helpful tips to make the experience an enjoyable one for everyone involved.

Kids camping
Photo by Kat Stan

Keep the Trip Short

Because this is the very first time that your kids will be camping, they will not know what to expect, and you do not know if they will actually enjoy the experience or if they will end up begging to go home before the trip is even over. Therefore, set up a one-night camping adventure to give it a try. If everything goes smoothly and the kids love it as much as you do, you can always plan longer excursions in the future.

Pack More Than Enough Supplies

Your kids may end up going through more supplies than you typically would go through during a short camping trip, so make sure you pack extra supplies in addition to the usual gear that you carry with you. This includes extra food and drinks to keep everyone energized and satiated, as well as extra clothes, especially since kids tend to get really dirty very easily when playing outside, and since they get colder or warmer more quickly than adults too. Also, don’t forget to pack a first aid kit and ice packs for keeping food chilled or for icing injuries.

Plan Plenty of Fun Activities and Games

Kids can get bored really quickly during a camping trip, and they may not have the stamina to endure outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, canoeing, etc. that you’d love to do for hours on end. Therefore, you need to plan an array of fun activities and games that will keep your kids occupied throughout the duration of the trip. These activities could include board games and card games, but you can also have your kids help out with important tasks, such as collecting kindling or setting up the tent.

When in Doubt, Stay Local

If you really aren’t sure how your young children will take to the whole camping idea, it’s best to stay as local as possible. Find a campground that’s close to home so that, in the event your children get really tired, cranky, or even scared during the night, you can simply pack up and go home. Make sure your car is ready for the journey as well, and consider buying things like jump starter packs from Auto Body Now so that you can get moving again quickly if you have car trouble. So, in addition to planning a short trip for your first camping excursion with the kids, you should also remain close to your home base, just in case.

With these tips in mind, you can take your kids on a camping trip for the first time and have the experience of a lifetime. Teaching your kids to love camping is a great way to teach them to love being out in nature, unplugged from the electronics that dominate their lives, while enjoying the simple company of their family.



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