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Five Topics Men Hate Talking About On the First Date


Not all topics are good for the first date. There some topics that you should never discuss on your first date. So, if you want to survive your first date and increase your chances of being asked for the second one, look through the list of topics prepared by Ukrainian Brides site, guys do not like talking about on the first date.

First date

When going on the first date never talk about:

Your Ex

Though we all understand that this is not the most interesting topic, it is sometimes very hard to resist a temptation of not telling at least something about your ex. It is necessary to understand that a conversation about the relationships that are over usually shifts the focus from the current date on your past, which is not good, as you are trying to build new relationships with a clean sheet. Also, try to avoid questions that may trigger a conversation about your ex-partners.

Vogue and Shopping

Most men hate talks about vogue and shopping. So do not trouble your date with the details of your latest trip to the shopping center or mall. This is something you can discuss with your friends but definitely not on your first date.


If you can do without a man, what on earth you are doing on this date? Even if you are a radical feminist, the first date is definitely not the best time to champion the cause of women’s rights. Many women do not mind paying their shot, but most guys hate them doing this. So, just let your date be a gentleman and let him pay the bill. If this is against your rules, make an effort to yield your beliefs at least on the first few dates.


Whatever problems or difficulties are stressing you out, leave these rueful feelings for yourself. In other words, never burden your partner with all your worries. Forget about all your problems for these couple of hours and show your date that you are a happy, funny and an open-minded person. Indeed, there are lots of interesting topics to discuss, so focus not on your problems but on something more interesting, something that will give a start to a relaxed conversation.

Other People

Many women cannot help commenting on the apparel or appearance of other women. While a girl would eagerly keep such a conversation, a man won’t be happy to listen what is wrong with the appearance of a passing by girl. So, never criticize other people, or discuss your friends or colleagues on the first date. It is better talking about you rather than about people your date is even not familiar with. Better concentrate on your partner and ask questions that will help you know your partner better.

So, if you are going on your first date, keep in mind the list of topics you should avoid. There are lots of other interesting topics that both of you will eagerly discuss and therefore know each other better. You can talk about your families, hobbies and interests, things that make your feel sad or happy, about your pets, favourite pastime, books movies and other things like that. Avoid questions and topics that may puzzle your date or make him feel embarrassed. Be wise and do not mess your first date up!


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