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The Best Flat Bridal Shoe Styles to Wear if You’re Taller Than Your Groom


If you’re a bride preparing for your big day, you’ve probably already looked through websites like UK Wedding Savings to narrow down your venue choices to the one that you love and that will fit your budget. And you’ve probably already started browsing through bridal catalogues in search of the most beautiful and flattering wedding gown to wear, along with the shoes and accessories that you’ll show off.

But what if you’re taller than your groom? What shoes should you wear? How can you pull off elegant flats on your big day? Continue reading for a few helpful tips.

Satin Ballet Flats

For optimal comfort, nothing beats ballet flats. Add satin to them and you have a pair of beautiful bridal flats that will pair perfectly with any wedding gown of any style. And add additional embellishments, such as crystals, and you have a really refined shoe that isn’t only comfortable but also very formal and lovely to look at.

Wedding shoes

Crochet Shoes

For brides that are looking for a really natural look or one that’s a little bit Bohemian or vintage inspired, a great way to go is flat crochet shoes in white or off-white. Like ballet shoes, these will provide you with optimal comfort throughout your big day, and they’re also flat enough that they won’t add any height to your frame, so you won’t end up towering over your groom.

Point-Toe Flats

For an extra touch of elegance, look for flats that have pointy toes. From above, these shoes look like they would be sporting a high heel, but in reality, they are totally flat and comfortable.

Swarovski-Embellished Flats

Swarovski-embellished flats are really elegant and really beautiful flats that will definitely stand out against any bridal gown. These are the kinds of shoes that you will certainly want to show off on your big day by lifting up your dress and letting your photographer take some photos of your unique style.

Dressy Flat Sandals

All of the styles listed above will have your feet covered from heel to toes, but if you want to show off your feet and your pretty pedicure, opt instead for dressy flat sandals that are embellished with everything from little jewels to pearls and more. These are ideal for warm weather weddings in the spring and summer, while closed toe styles are more appropriate for the fall or winter wedding of your dreams.

Open-Toe Flats

And, finally, if you want the best of both worlds when it comes to closed versus open flats, you can opt for a pair of open-toe flats that are embellished in the front and provide you with a covered heel while still allowing you to show off that pedicure.

In addition to keeping you at the right height for your groom on your wedding day, stylish bridal flats will also be super comfortable, and this is important because you will be on your feet most of the day, as well as on the dance floor throughout the night.


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