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How to Look as Stylish as Agent 007


The name James Bond alone is synonymous to timeless style and sex appeal. Fans of Agent 007 agree that Bond, regardless of the actor portraying the lead role, has always been a dashing spy that women could not resist.

Many men would love to be in the shoes of James Bond. It’s more on how to dress right and look good, although some men would definitely want to have his sex appeal as well.

Unknown to many fans, the most famous secret service agent has a stylist – at least for the latest Bond character played by Daniel Craig. The name is Jany Temime who has been behind the stylish look of Craig since the Skyfall film released in 2012. According to Temime who’s also behind Harry Potter’s outfit, “men should always be perfectly groomed and not look shabby.” She also pointed out that beyond the clothes, they need to have a good haircut and smooth chin.

Wear a Good Suit

Men should wear a suit to make him feel powerful and if you want to at least look like James Bond, you need a very good suit that fits just right. A simple and single breasted suit is most ideal, according to Temime. Stay away from double breasted suit that often looks shabby.

In addition to the suit, it’s also recommended to wear some accessories. Cufflinks are great particularly for suits as they add details and never dominate the outfit.

A pocket square is also another thing you can use to add elegance to your suit. And to be safe, just wear it straight allowing 1.4 of an inch to show above your pocket.

Carefully Choose Colors

Choosing the right colors is as important. For men, neutral colors are best as they allow one’s personality to show and you can never go wrong with them. So make sure to have the black, grey, white or blue colors in your wardrobe.

The Gloves Should Fit

When buying gloves, men should take the time to fit them. The gloves should fit well and should feel like you’re not wearing them at all.

For Daniel Craig’s character, he actually had to fit some 10 pairs of gloves before his stylist found the perfect ones.

Be in Good Shape

Being a secret service agent, James Bond is always in tip-top shape. As such, you should make an effort to maintain a good body by doing your regular workout regimen. A fit body will always stand out in a good tailor suit. You don’t have to show it off by wearing tight-fitting shirts because wearing a good fitting tailor will already do the trick.


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