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5 mistakes men make when buying flowers


Flowers and men don’t generally go together, and normally it takes being in a relationship for a man to even consider buying flowers! Well, there is Mother’s day, but a man’s mother will often be a lot more forgiving of his (many) foibles than his wife or girlfriend.

The problem is, when a man walks into a flower shop, his senses get overloaded with sights and smells, and this creates confusion so his brain can’t decide what actually makes a good collection of flowers and what doesn’t. This leads him to either making a terrible buying decision, or he buys into a cliché (more on that in a moment).

So here’s some tips for men, to help you buy (use this Proflowers coupon  😉 ) something your girlfriend, mother, wife, or even just a good friend (and perhaps more?), will really appreciate:

Red Roses? *Yawn*
It’s been done to death. Especially on Valentine’s Day, all the men are buying roses, right? And of course, that’s the day florists put the price up on roses, a lot. It’s not just Uber that has surge pricing!

So one option to consider instead is pink tulips. They look wonderful, they’re not as expensive as roses, and they’re something quite different. When was the last time you saw pink tulips? Exactly.

Deliver Them as She’ll Display Them
Which sounds better to you? Flowers turning up in a box. Or flowers turning up in a vase?

Easy choice.

So, if it’s an option, and you’re happy to pay for it, then sending flowers as she’ll be displaying them can make the gift that much more special.

Avoid the Rush
All the big days – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day… They’re not a surprise, because they’ve been on the calendar all year! Of course, if life keeps you busy (or perhaps you’re just disorganised), it’s easy to forget things until the last minute (there’s a reason so many people still go Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve!).

But avoid the temptation to be disorganised, and plan ahead. Well ahead. Especially if you’re looking to buy flowers online, as sometimes things do get delayed.

Does Your Really Florist Know Best?
Well, they probably do, since it’s their job! So definitely take their opinions on board, since they’ve probably thought of something you haven’t, and may create a wonderfully imaginative bouquet for you.

Just don’t try to get their undivided attention on one of their busiest days of the year! Going back to the last tip, organise ahead of time and you’ll be fine. But trying to get them to help you pick out flowers on Valentine’s Day afternoon, probably isn’t going to go very well.

Remember the Card
Not having a card just confuses the recipient. And giving barely a thought to it will greatly reduce the impact of your wonderful gift. So just like you need to choose the right flowers, word your card carefully, for maximum positive impact!

These five tips can help you easily avoid the common flower buying pitfalls so many men fall into.


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