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Sak Noel has been immersed in the dance music scene from a young age and is a well-known part promoter in Barcelona. Sak Noel can be booked for DJ performances through London based booking agency MN2S.

A lifelong fan of electronic and dance music, Sak Noel has created his own sound to popular reception worldwide. His biggest hit was ‘Loca People’, released in 2011 with vocals by Esthera Sarita on Blanco y Negro Recordings, and topped many European charts, such as Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Poland and Spain. Released in the UK in September 2011, the song shot to number 1 in the UK Singles Chart, and was Sak Noel’s firs number 1 hit and the first UK number 1 by a Spanish artist since ‘Heaven’ by DJ Sammy in 2002. The music video was directed by Sak Noel himself, was shot in the night club Millenium & Cosmic Club in Girona and in Barcelona, and features himself and members of the public in the video.

After the huge success of this track, Sak Noel has toured worldwide, in over 40 different countries, and followed up his big hit with a string of following releases; ‘Paso’ and ‘Where’, as part of the Crazy Society Trilogy, and ‘Party On My Level’ and ‘I Am the Law’. All of these were received well in the UK and across the Atlantic, featuring high up in both charts, and the run of successful productions well and truly confirmed Sak Noel’s position in the global dance music scene.


Sak Noel wih loudspeakers

Sak Noel has formerly been a part of house music promoter group named Moguda that organised parties and an annual music festival in the Catalonia area of Spain. Although the organisation is now non-operational, since late 2011 he has been the owner of Noel music, and Sak Noel leads the underground scene in Barcelona, hosting well respected parties ‘Barnaton’ and ‘Lokaboom’.

His fascination with electronic music led him to become restless unless producing music and DJing during his teenage years, and he remains sure that everything is possible with the necessary time and dedication. Undoubtedly he has achieved great things, with the worldwide success of the mainstream electronic dance music hit ‘Loca People’ but tries to remain calm and avoid the danger of becoming overly excited off the back of huge success.

Speaking of his production process, he states that he creates many new ideas every day, although many don’t come to fruition, and a break from working is often necessary to help the creative juices flow. It has been often recognised that humour is an integral part of his music, commenting that he doesn’t hope to change music and believes there are many more talented musicians than him, but he simply aims to keep people dancing.

Unconcerned with the state of EDM, Sak Noel insists all music remains music for him regardless of how it fits in to the current trend, commenting that if EDM dies it could easily turn into a new movement, “ETM, then an ATM or whatever”.

Sak Noel is a DJ and promoter whose hard work and determination has led to him high levels of success, with a worldwide number 1 hit in ‘Loca People’ and extremely successful parties in Barcelona, ‘Barnaton’ and ‘Lokaboom’. He continues to DJ regularly and is often booked for worldwide performances. If you are interested in booking Sak Noel, please contact an agent at MN2S music booking agency.



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