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5 Reasons People Are Moving to Sarasota


Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that over 365,000 people moved to the state of Florida between July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015. Many of these new arrivals were retirees who want to spend more time outdoors in a pleasant climate. Others were families and entrepreneurs who saw many opportunities in the state. The area around Sarasota on Florida’s Gulf Coast has become one of the most popular destinations for these new residents. And there are a number of good reasons why people are deciding to make the Sarasota area their new home:

1 -Year-Round Sunshine and Warmth

Florida is known for its ever-present sunshine and warm year-round temperatures. These features alone count for a majority of people moving to the state who no longer want to deal with snow-shoveling and being stuck indoors for months at a time. Florida offers an average of 230 days of sunshine each year, which allows residents to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including golf, tennis, bicycling, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing and gardening. Temperatures in the Sarasota area range from the 50s to the 90s, with only a few days below 50. These conditions make Florida one of the most popular areas to re-settle in the United States.


2 – Lower Cost of Living

Florida is one of the southern states that enjoy a low cost of living that makes life more relaxed and enjoyable. Fuel costs, utilities and supermarket prices are all in the lower range in the country. The Sarasota area has a wide range of shopping venues to provide anything you need. Home prices in the Sarasota area have been reasonable for many years, and they have maintained their value even through the recent difficult economic times. Individuals thinking about moving to the state will find a number of new homes in Sarasota, FL that provide the best in Florida living at an affordable price.

3 – Beautiful Beaches

The beaches of the Gulf Coast of Florida are some of the best in the country, often appearing on “Best Beaches” lists. The sand is generally fine-grained and light in color. The Gulf Coast surf is always gentle and perfect for swimming and water sports. Whether you like to simply relax in the sun or get active in the water, Sarasota beaches offer the perfect environment for enjoying one of the state’s most popular features.

4 – Good Transportation Access

Sarasota is served by a number of area airports that makes travel to other areas easy and makes access to the area for family visits convenient. Nearby I-75 conveniently connects you to other areas of the state. Sarasota County also offers bus service, with a number of popular routes for commuting to work, shopping and other needs.

5 – Many Entertainments and Cultural Activities

The Sarasota area is known for its vibrant cultural life, with art galleries, theater, concerts and a variety of local festivals. The city is also known for its Selby Botanical Gardens and Ringling Museum, along with nearby Cà d’Zan, the 1920s home of John and Mable Ringling.

It’s no wonder Sarasota is enjoying an increase in population, with vibrant businesses, a variety of cultural events and all that residents need for an enjoyable lifestyle. See how Neal Communities can provide all that you need for your new Florida home.

Mia Wells works in real estate and often deals with relocation requests. She enjoys travel, writing, and spending time with her kids. Her articles, usually related to real estate, appear on a selection of blogs.


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