The frigid temperature is beginning to rise and the sun is starting to slowly warm things up. That’s right, ladies. We arefinally headed toward summer! One of the most rewarding and exciting ways to celebrate this change in season is with a brand new bathing suit. However, even this simple celebratory shopping spree may prove challenging to those who are considered “plus size”.

Plus size is a very hazy term and the exact definition of plus size changes depending on where you are from, what industry you work in, and even what store you are in. According to wikipedia, there are a confusing variety of definitions for plus size, though PLUS Model magazine claims that plus size is between the sizes of 12-24 and anything beyond that is considered super-sized. However, the sad reality is that a lot of major designers would never dare consider using a size 10 or above model. This kind of contradiction is precisely why there is confusion as to what is plus size, and where the parameters lie. All of the mixed messages and misinformation can make shopping in department stores a tremendous headache. Add to this the indignity that plus size women are not beautiful or worthy of fashionable styles, and things can look grim. But the good news is that trends are slowly changing.

Bikini girl

In an exciting time when Ashley Graham, a model technically classified as plus size, was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, women should feel empowered now more than ever to be comfortable in their own skin. The fashion industry comes to the rescue this year, with the introduction of a number of swimsuits that have been customized for different body types. For instance, for large busts, high necklines, and wider straps are in order. The tankini tops have been adorned with double halter below the cups, providing a two-pronged benefit: a support you can trust and a fashionable outlook that tends to shift the spotlight from a large belly. According to the experts at Real Simple, ruffles and rings upon large prints are preferable for underdeveloped figures because they create an illusion of extra curves.

Online shopping offers a convenient and far more clear selection when it comes to plus size swimsuit shopping. Retailers like swimsuitsforall offer the ability to search for trendy plus size swimwear by size, style, color or price range, all of which takes the pressure out of face to face sales situations. This will allow you to take your time deciding on the design specifications of your bathing suit or bikini while allowing you to compare prices easily and efficiently. Shopping for swimwear online also gives you the opportunity to read reviews from other customers to see if they encountered any coverage or fitting issues with the design, creating a community of plus size shoppers who can learn from each other’s purchases. Why not hop online today to find out why swimsuitsforall is the source for women’s swimsuits that so many reviewers trust.

One of the other benefits to online shopping is privacy. The fact is that there are some women who would prefer to try on their swimsuit for the first time in the comfort of their own home without nosy sales staff giving their opinions or offering suggestion of “stores that might carry your size”. Another benefit to online shopping with a retailer like swimsuitsforall is that if the suit doesn’t fit, all you have to do is send it back, as most retailers have generous return policies. Finding trendy plus size swimwear that is the right combination of coverage, comfort and expression is one of the many ways to more fully enjoy your summer with confidence and excitement.


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