It appears that the modern successful footballer well and truly has it all. They all seem to have a vast amount of fame wealth, respect and status however some things are pre-set like personal appearance. Although now many choose to go under the knife not just for correctional purposes but for aesthetics reasons as well. A number of past and present football players have been spending their mega-wages more and more on making themselves more attractive and of course at times for correctional purposes. In a recent study on football players from eight different clubs in England and Wales showed nearly four out of 10 players had cavities. They also found around 53 per cent had dental erosion; one possible reason was from regularly consuming sugary foods.

Sasa Curic

The former Aston Villa midfielder who had a ten year career from 1991 to 2001 has had surgery as well as teeth correction work done. The Belgrade born player supposedly felt he was born with a rather lager nose and that lead him to cosmetic surgery. His wife revealed that the decision to have surgery was down to vanity and he even got into trouble with Villa as he never mentioned he was having the work done. He then couldn’t play until it had all healed. After the surgery, Villa secretary-director, Steve Stride was more than happy to reveal more work Sasa Curic has had done including dying his hair and having his teeth capped as well as his nose job.

Didier Drogba

Some footballers have had to have work done due to accidents and injuries on the pitch. In 2011 Didier Drogba the Chelsea forward was in a really bad way after being involved in a collision with Norwich keeper John Ruddy. Didier Drogba was left unconscious and had to be stretched off with an oxygen mask and a neck brace. Thankfully the football player wasn’t in as much of a bad way as previously feared. Yet he still needed cosmetic dentistry treatment to repair his teeth. There are many high quality dentists who offer treatments that can be done quickly and with ease. This enabled the Chelsea player to be back in the game and pose for pictures when Chelsea won the cup that season.

Rene Higuita

On the opposite end of the spectrum the former Columbian goalkeeper Rene Higuita went under the knife purely to improve his looks. In 2005 the player went to extreme surgery lengths to improve his appearance which included nose surgery, a silicon chin implant, skin peel, eyelid skin cutaway, liposuction and abdominal muscle enhancement. He then unveiled the new him a month after the surgery claiming he was now bodily perfect.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney has become a household name as a Man United player. Despite his rather young age he unfortunately has quite a noticeable receding hairline. With so much negative attention drawing to his hairline the Man United player decided to have a hair transplant to improve his looks. This is not the type of procedure that you can hide so instead of denying the claims, Rooney made an apt to decision to post it over social media. Since then the attitudes towards hair transplants have changed dramatically and Rooney’s endorsement has played a large role in this.

Jermain Pennant

With most footballers being the spotlight rather heavily it is difficult attempting to hide or even deny the fact of cosmetic surgery. Whilst Curcic, Hguita and Rooney have all admitted to having some form of work done, Jermain Pennant is one player who denies it profusely by putting it down to having injured his head. The Stoke winger underwent surgery to pin back his ears, yet still puts it down to an injury, either way there have been an increasingly amount of football players to undergo surgery both for vanity or correctional purposes.


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