Some things remain as mystery like no one knows why Jessica Ciencin Henriquez lost the hearing power of one ear in the year 2010. She got completely deaf with one ear and it is believed that soon she might lose the hearing power of the other ear too. She was Josh Lucas wife and they got married in the year 2012 and then got divorced in the year 2014. She is a writer in New York and has a son. She was a peace loving person and thus, she thought that New York was always filled with humming sounds and lot of noise. Loss of one ear would have been acceptable. But the stress on the good ear might be the reason why even that would lose the power. The hearing issue was not the only one she faced. She was even diagnosed with cervical cancer just before she met Josh Lucas. In fact, she says that Lucas was the first person she shared this terrible news with. Even though she was going through the tough treatment, Lucas proposed her and then they got married in the year 2012.

Even though they had a divorce in 2014, it was seen that they were spotted together even after divorce in good terms as they still remain good friends. Jessica Ciencin Henriquez had a tough pregnancy as she was told hysterectomy but at that time she was pregnant and she desperately wanted to give birth to the baby and thus, even though she went through lots of health related difficulties she gave birth to the baby and this was the son, the couple loved a lot. Even after the divorce, they continue loving the baby.

Its really quite tough life for Jess but still, she continued to remain a strong woman. When she has to attend the concerts she would come bit early and book a good place so that at least she can get to hear something. The good machine in hear ears is doing some effect on her. But the loss that she has suddenly faced was really quite mysterious.


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