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Summer & Fall Dresses


Summer’s just hit and we’re all undoubtedly hitting the stores and scouring sitewide summer sales for fresh styles to battle the heat. But not so fast! Remember what happened to last year’s new summer clothes? They’re sitting at the back of your closet now, collecting dust, because you couldn’t find a place for them once fall rolled around. If you haven’t guessed what we’re hinting at by now, here’s a major giveaway: transitional dressing. We have 4 bulletproof ways to make sure that your summer clothes last beyond the three month season:

Patterns & Prints

Sienna Boho Maxi Set
Sienna Boho Maxi Set

Don’t get us wrong, a tie-dye print dress may not transition well into fall, but certain patterns move seamlessly across all seasons as long as they’re not overdone or in certain colorways. Blues, nude palettes, and gem tones for instance, look great all year long. Try a clean mosaic-inspired pattern in a clean silhouette. Strappy maxi dresses are particularly safe for both summer and fall, and can be layered over a structured shirt once temperatures start dropping! Cool for summer, chic for fall.



Emily Embroidered Maxi Dress
Emily Embroidered Maxi Dress

Pink doesn’t have to be a fairweather friend. In fact, pink is one of those colors that works as a neutral when done right. You can’t necessarily get away with pairing pink with just any colorway, but you can wear it no matter what the weather’s looking like. For a pink that moves from summer to fall, try one in a berry tone and pair with nudes. A nude background makes the pink pop without being overly saturated. Big floral graphics or floral appliques are one sure way to transition pink throughout any season.


Julia Satin Skater Set
Julia Satin Skater Set

Certain dresses just look good no matter how cold or hot it is outside. More than likely, it’s not the length or color palette that makes a dress transition well between the seasons, but the fabric. Satin, for example, is delicate enough for summer and luxe enough for fall. Try a dress set with a comfortable, relaxed silhouette in a skater A-line. Once fall hits, you can pair with sheer tights and a cute cardigan.


Casual silhouettes

On My Own Babydoll Dress
On My Own Babydoll Dress

Nothing transitions better than the comfiest clothes in your closet. That duster cardigan you wear with anything? Your boyfriend jeans? The softer-than-soft oversized band tee you’ve held onto for 10 years? The same applies to dresses! Once you find a dress that’s so comfortable you never want to take it off, the less likely you are to exile it to the back of your closet just because fall is looming. A mini babydoll dress with a shift silhouette can be worn all summer, fall, and yes, even winter! Try one in a neutral colorway to be paired with any of your strappy, summer heels or wear as a tunic during the colder seasons with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans.


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