Do you like your hot dog with ketchup or mustard? Do you want a plain bun, or do you like sesame seeds? No matter what your personal favorite hot dog is, how would you like your actual dog to be dressed up as a hot dog? Can you think of a funnier image than your small dog walking around the house with two buns on his sides, and some sauce on the top?


The hot dog costumes are cute, but they are getting to be a bit overdone by now. Luckily, there are lots of other things to choose from as well. And with Star Wars mania well and truly on us, you may just want to see how strong the Force is in your own dog. Whether it is for Halloween, or just because you like dressing your dog up, there are lots of things to choose from. The most important thing to remember is that the costumes are comfortable and functional, so that your dog looks good for your pleasure, but is safe and comfortable for their own.

Top Ideas for Small Dogs

There are lots of different options available for small dogs, ranging from the standard hot dog costume to true designer gear. Some of those are more popular than others, however. This is determined by things such as price, what celebrities are doing, and availability. Do make sure that you pick something that is the right size for your dog, however. Too small is constricting and too big means it chafes and feels bad. Plus, while dog costumes come in standard sizes, they may not always fit (or suit) your dog. So only order from companies with good return policies.

  1. The Cute Hot Dog. Ok, so it has been done many times before, but the hot dog costume is super cool, particularly if you also have a sausage dog yourself. Usually, these suits, which basically make it look as if the body of your dog is the actual hot dog, Velcro on their belly, which is really easy to take on or off. Some exist with front Velcro, which is perfect for smaller pooches.

  2. The Pumpkin. This is the costume you’re going to want come Halloween. Dogs aren’t meant to be scary ghouls, witches, or skeletons. They are supposed to be fun and cute. And just as many parents dress their babies up in a pumpkin costume, you can do the same with your dog. Add a little orange cap with a tiny green stem for their heads, and they will be cute as buttons!

  3. The Jedi Master. Adorable puppy, you will be! Perhaps your dog can’t speak the same way Yoda does, but they can certainly look like one. And dogs have a knack of looking as if they are really wise, even though dog owners will know that they are anything but. Dressing your dog up in a Yoda outfit is the hottest thing out there this year!


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