Some people have long commutes to work. Commuting is one of the costs of modern living. Some want to rent or buy in a cheaper area, but then have to travel for an hour or more before they get to work, others simply are in a job that’s most suitable for them, but the company is located on the other side of town or even in the neighbouring town.

A lot of people see the time spent commuting as a lost part of the day and sometimes you might even be willing to accept a less-paid job, or a job that isn’t as fulfilling as your current one, just so you don’t have to commute to work and lose time.

Cars commuting

Entertain yourself

Luckily, for those that travel by bus, train, some other mode of public transport, or even people that carpool to work, there are lot of activities that will make your commute less miserable and even fun. There are those who would rather listen to music, or choose an interesting app to make their time run faster.

The time that you spent having fun isn’t a time that is lost. On the contrary, being amused and entertained has a positive influence on your well-being, both psychological and physical. Multiple studies show that listening to music reduces stress and relaxes your brain. You will be more energised at the start of your work day and it is sound to assume that your performance will be improved. Being better at your job may result in a salary-increase or a promotion, and even if there isn’t an instant effect, it will surely be noticed by your superior.

People commuting

Read a book

We often complain that we no longer have time to read and educate ourselves. Everything is instant and digital these days and reading books is already considered archaic and old-fashioned by many. The books are your friends though, especially old classics with intriguing characters, detailed descriptions and strong morals. Reading books really gives you a sense of refinement. Why waste your commute time and bore yourself to death when you can engage yourself with a nice book?! This is an especially suitable solution for people who have to travel longer. A one-hour commute will surely be long enough to read a chapter or two.

Talk to your friends

Every one of us has at least few friends who is also commuting to work, often at the exact same time, but to a different location. Your friends might be as bored as you. They are also wondering what to do with their time while they are commuting. Why not talk call a different friend on each day of the week and have a proper, friendly conversation with them. It is often said that people no longer talk to each other as much as they used to, and as a result, friends lose touch and become more distant. Remember that you can’t buy friendship.

Learn a foreign language

You’ve always wanted to learn a foreign language, but you never had the time. And even if you took classes, you were always too busy or too lazy to do the readings, or listen to the recordings. Even if it is just a shorter commute, you still have time to listen to recordings in the foreign language you’re learning. Set a goal for yourself and organise your time. For example, you may decide that you’re going to learn at least 5 new words every day. Learn them on the way to work and then check if you still remember them when you’re commuting back home.

Find a new job

And finally, if all of the above doesn’t help and you still feel like the commute is a total waste of time and you can no longer put up with it, why don’t you open the ads page, or look through the most popular job websites and find yourself a new job, a one closer to your home.


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