Emergency services personnel are highly regarded and respected individuals who sometimes risk their own lives in order to save the lives of others. They’re also on the frontlines, always ready to help those who have been injured and who are in need of emergency medical treatments. These are the people who provide life-saving first aid until a patient can be taken to a medical facility or a hospital, so their job is very stressful and intense, and they deserve recognition. And what better way is there to thank an emergency services professional than by getting them one of the gifts below?

Badge Holders

A high quality badge holder that is fixed to a convenient arm band makes a great gift for any emergency services professional, as it will securely hold their SIA badge or their ID badge while they are hard at work. You can find these great looking badge holders in a variety of Hi Viz colours, as well as plain black, when you shop on sites like the Patrol Store. And, these products are tough and durable enough to last for many years to come.

A Small Torch

A small torch that can easily fit into a comfortable pouch or even onto a belt is yet another great gift idea for someone who works in the emergency services industry. Choose a torch that is not only small and compact, but will also produce a very strong light with the help of LED light bulbs. In this way, your gift recipient can always have a convenient, bright light on hand, even in the darkest and toughest conditions.

Multi tool


A multi-tool is also extremely convenient to have around in a variety of situations, and many of the best ones that are manufactured today will easily fit into an emergency services professional’s pocket. Choose a product that features a variety of tools in one, such as needle-nose pliers, a serrated edge knife, wire cutters, a bottle opener, a medium screwdriver, a small screwdriver, scissors, a can opener, and more. This is definitely the ideal gift for anyone who works very hard out in the field and who has found themselves in need of one of these tools in the past.

Phone Pouches and Portable Device Charges

Other great gift ideas include phone pouches and portable device charges that will allow your professional to keep in touch with the right people no matter where they are. Smartphone pouches are extremely convenient because they make it simple to carry a device hands-free. Plus, you can find portable smartphone chargers that will ensure your gift recipient will always have a way to charge up their device even when they are not anywhere near an electrical outlet.

These are just a few of the best gift ideas for emergency services personnel, as they are great ways to show your thanks and appreciation for all that they do. Choosing one of these gifts will ensure that your recipient will know that they are thought of, and they are sure to love it.


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