Having a mobile phone is a given in this day and age. Most anyone has a cell phone of their own, and this goes for young children as well! And whilst a cell phone has already become a necessity, there is one major issue with cell phone use: electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. Too much cell phone use can have an effect on anyone’s health, as cell phones are known to emit a high level of radiation. This can result in biological imbalances and health issues such as migraines or headaches, nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and even more serious conditions such as cancer. So what can you do in order to protect yourself from the EMFs emanated by your mobile phone? Here’s how to properly use your cell phone to reduce your exposure to EMFs.


Limit your cell phone calls

I t would be best to limit your cell phone calls as much as possible. And, if you have to use your cell phone, keep your calls to the absolute minimum – a few minutes, if possible. Studies have shown that the effect of EMFs from your cell phone on your body and health has a direct correlation to the length of time you use the phone.

Don’t put your phone next to your ear

Another thing you can do to limit your exposure to EMFs is to avoid putting your phone right next to your ear. If you have to use it, put it on speaker mode. You can also purchase a headset or buds to further reduce your exposure.

Don’t place your cell phone right next to your body

Even when you are not using your cell phone, it still emits signals, particularly when a mobile phone tower is nearby. If you are out of your home and have to carry your cell phone around, don’t place it in your pocket. Rather, place it in a purse or bag. But if you have no choice but to carry your cell phone right next to your body, at least put it on flight mode so it does not emit any signals, especially if it has GPS.

Avoid using your cell phone when you don’t have a good signal

It would also be in your best interest to use your cell phone only when there is a good signal. If the signal is poor, your cell phone will try to get the best signal possible, so its emission levels will automatically rise. Try using your cell phone only with a full signal and don’t use your cell phone in a cellar, an elevator, the underground, etc. If you can, place your calls outside or right next to a window.

To further protect yourself from EMFs, you can also use specially-made protection products such as EMF protection jewellery, which is not only attractive, but designed to protect your health as well.


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