Coffee mornings are a pure british tradition.

Although a new kind of similar event is growing in the business world, it’s mostly called brunch because no one knows if he is having a lunch or a breakfast, and it is quick and targeted, like verything in the corporate world. The coffee mornings we are talking about are the classsical meeting around a coffee cup, without stress.

So, there is rules for coffe mornings? No. Not at all: you can do whatever you want to promote your charity or to support anything you want. But if you want to have a successful one, you should follow these guidelines.

Invite, invite, invite

In the weekend mornings, everybody is busy making things they can’t do in the working week or enclosed in its shell like a snail to recover energies, and is hard to find some time to escape to make a coffe break, so probably you will receive a fraction of visitors over the raw number of invitations. Unless you have very much free time or a well organized team to manage invitations and confirm event attendance, there’s no way to know how many people will come the appointed day. Be prepared for the best and the worst: what will you do if everybody comes? And if you buy a ton of supplies but just a few people come in?

Coffee morning
Be clear

If your coffee morning  tries to collect money for a charity, let the attendants know it, and let them know what you are expecting from them. You must somehow explain what you are asking for. Maybe a box of food for a food bank? Maybe some money to buy sport equipment for the local team? Maybe a nice sum to rebuild the roof of the community center?

Make it interesting

This point is not related with the core target of the event. If you want your non-profit to be known in your neighborhood or you want to support a charity, let  people have before, anything to chat on, something to break ice. For example, you can have a small selection of good coffee types (take a look on A1 Coffee to get ideas) and let attendants to test flavours. This is a coffee morning, not a collect in the street.

Make it simple

Do not try to impress your guests with delicious cakes that need a chair, a table and a full cutlery set. A good coffee morning means cookies and and food easy to eat with your hands.

Look for help

Give away is wonderful. Help others and do not ask anything in exchange makes us true humn beings. But everybody needs a little help from their friends and you won’t find better support than the one from the charity you are working for. Ask them to give you some prints, some flyers, advertising or even personal support for the event. Probably they will be pleased to help you in many ways.

By the way, maybe you will do it or maybe don’t, but just to be planning a coffee morning to support any kind of charity or non-profit should make you feel better.


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