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Four tips for planning a fashionable wedding


When it comes to planning the perfect wedding there are a lot of things that go into it. You may have been dreaming of this wedding since you were a child, and you might even have a journal full of all of the things you need in order to have the perfect wedding ever. That means that every little detail of your nuptials are important.

This is also the reason why it takes months to plan a wedding. You need to find all of the right pieces to build the puzzle of your future marriage, from the right dress to the perfect wedding decor, through the right wedding photographer and the best venue you can afford. Some brides complain about the stress they will be under during all that time but you must understand that the enjoyment is as much in the destination as in the trip itself. Here are some tips for planning your wedding with all the latest in fashion and fun.

Hair Is Important

The hair do you have on your wedding day is extremely important, and it will live on in all of your wedding photos. While you may think you can just do your hair all on your own, it’s a better idea to find a professional to do it for you. No matter your hair type there is a pro out there that has been trained to create a beautiful look for your wedding day hair.

Make sure to use all the right products to help keep your hair under control throughout the course of your wedding. You may even want a look that allows you to easily go from a updo to having your hair down for the reception afterward.

Getting The Right Makeup

Not only is hair important for the right look for any bride, so is makeup. A professionally done face with get you through your wedding day without the need for tons of touchups. Nothing can spoil a wedding photo faster than some running mascara or eyeliner!

That’s why it wouldn’t be a bad idea, once you’ve chosen a hair and make-up artist, to contact the photographer in case there’s anything he wants to tell them to facilitate the inevitable photo sessions that every bride is going to have. Think that your make-up artist wants to use bright tones that are incompatible with photos outside and the wedding photographer is thinking of doing a session in a public park in broad daylight. Or imagine your hairdresser is thinking of a loose hair and the photographer is thinking of a stunning cliff near your town but where it’s always windy.

Picking Your Dress

If you want a wedding that is current and fashionable, and could be seen on the cover of your favorite bridal magazine, you are going to want to find a dress that is in style. Take some time to look at the wedding mags that are out there that will show you the latest trends in wedding attire.

The Accessories

Your accessories need to go with the dress, hair and makeup you go with. You can do hair accessories, if that is something you like. You could simply wear a necklace. There are so many options and it’s up to you what works with your wedding day style, but they should harmonize with the bride’s look, should not be more striking than the dress or the bride herself.

You must be very careful when choosing them since they must all match each other and be balanced, so that on the wedding day you don’t look like little Christmas trees that hung everything you found.
You must avoid using too many colorful or reflective accessories that, besides hindering the wedding photographer’s work, will call the attention of the attendees, taking them away from the bride or the ceremony.

Venue And Decor

The other part of having a fashionable wedding is picking the right venue. You may want a venue that goes with the style of dress you’re having, like something rustic for a vintage dress, or you may want a church that your entire family has gotten married in over the years.

Then you need to get that place decorated, as well as the space you’re having your reception in. There are plenty of tips online that can help you get the right decor.

Also, don’t forget to ask the wedding hall manager if they have a room to keep some things (flowers, balloons or any other decoration, extra or spare clothes, or any surprise or gift for the guests) or to use it for the people who work for you that day (wedding photographer, children’s entertainer, etc.).


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