Being stuck in a routine is never a good thing. Soon, you’ll start to do things on auto-pilot, going about your everyday tasks without actually gaining any experience or achieving anything meaningful. It is very easy to slip into this cycle once you start feeling too comfortable – and then too bored – with your daily routine.
Fortunately, there is an easy way to break the routine. You have the weekends to do fun things, either with the entire family or with friends – or even by yourself. Here are some interesting ideas to get you started.

Take a Road Trip

A road trip to somewhere you have never visited before is a great way to spend the weekend. It is an experienced best shared with a colleague or close friends. Don’t just go to the usual travel destinations though. Explore new roads and enjoy the scenery along the way.
It is also a good idea to go and watch a concert or a show. Have you ever watched a male revue show before? You can actually go and see Hunks The Show, since they have plenty of tour dates listed on their website. You can also catch the latest theater shows or simply go out for a movie marathon if you find several titles you’d love to watch.

DIY Do it yourself

DIY Projects

Another great way to break routine is by challenging yourself. This may not always be possible on workdays, but there’s always a great DIY project to do over the weekend. A good way to start is by opting for a small project – one that you can complete on a Saturday or Sunday.
After your first project, you will start feeling so much better about yourself. Treat this as a small milestone and reward yourself before taking on another DIY project. Once you’re confident enough about your skills, you can start trying bigger projects. You can even try a DIY project that extends over several weekends.
The best thing about doing DIY projects is that you can get the whole family involved. Kids love helping with DIY activities around the house and your partner can help with various tasks along the way too. Completing a project together will also bring the whole family closer.


Have you ever noticed how much we all rely on our phones or laptops on a daily basis? The weekend is the perfect time to unplug. Stop worrying about work. Don’t even think about that phone call you have to make on Monday. Turn everything off and simply unplug.

There is no need to post Instagram photos or read what others are posting on Facebook. You can exchange those internet experiences for a simple book or a lovely time with the kids. Get your partner in on the decision to go unplugged too, since it is so much more fun to share the experience together.

All of a sudden, you’ll have so many things to talk about. These seemingly small things will help you stay motivated and prevent from getting stuck in a routine.


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