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5 Fantasy Baseball Tips Every Fantasy Player Should Know

Leisure5 Fantasy Baseball Tips Every Fantasy Player Should Know

You know how the saying goes: “When Spring is in the air, all thoughts turn to love…” Well, that’s unless you’re a fantasy baseball league player! If that’s the case, then it’s time to get ready for some fantasy baseball and begin planning your strategies. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Know the League Rules Inside and Out

Make sure you know what the league rules are before the draft – and make sure they won’t change midway through the season. All fantasy leagues basically work as a baseball simulator, but different leagues may use different stats as measurements. The addition or subtraction of even one category of a player’s statistics can make the difference between being a good draft choice or a ride to the cellar in your league standings. Also, knowing how many players at a position are allowed in your league will have a definite impact on your draft decisions. Don’t play blindly.

Do Your Research

Don’t be a fool and overlook players because they play for a team you love to hate. On the other hand, you may be able to find players that are on your favorite team that others may overlook because they aren’t familiar with them. Most leagues have a tool called the average draft position (ADP). It is a valuable tool and you should use it for planning your draft strategy. You can see which players are undervalued, or which are priced too highly, and adjust your drafting accordingly.

Pay Attention to Others in Your League

This is good advice, not only for the draft, but throughout the year. Learn the opposing fantasy player’s tendencies; it may come in handy for putting together trades later in the season. Some consistently want to put together bad trades (good trades for them, horrible trades for you). When you see this happening, you will know to stay away and focus elsewhere for your team’s needs.

Don’t Fall in Love with Your Strategy

You definitely should have a strategy going into your league draft. However, be flexible. You may decide to concentrate on offense instead of defense, but if that sharp fielding shortstop is available at a bargain price, you might reconsider. Another example would be deciding to go for the hot new prospect. That’s smart, but don’t overlook skilled veterans who might have had injuries or an off year. Often, they will come back with a very productive year. Have a plan, but keep your options open.

Speed Kills

Everybody goes for the big bat. Sluggers go early in the draft in most leagues. Check your rules, but in most leagues stolen bases count for as many points as a home run. You can pad your chances by sneaking in a speedster instead of hoping one of the home run hitters is left when your turn in the draft comes up.


Hopefully, these tips will have you riding at the top of your league. Stay focused, stay flexible, and most of all, stay patient. It’s a long season, and anything can happen. Don’t dump a slumping player too quickly. And remember, while skillful play is important, luck plays a big part in how your season goes.


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