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Why are jeans always fashionable?

LeisureWhy are jeans always fashionable?

The years pass (we are already in the XXI century) and among all the fashion trends there is one that remains as unchanged as ever: jeans are fashionable.

It is true that it has not always been the same pants: sometimes it was tight and cramped, sometimes it was wide and flared. There was a time of blue jeans and suddenly they became not so blue but simply discolored. The perfectly shaped and pure colors were replaced by pants broken by the knees

Do you know you can buy today many styles of jeans? Super skinny, girlfriend, push-up, relax, flare, super high waist, loose, jegging, high waist, boyfriend and skinny (and probably a few ones more) are available at once in many stores and by different brands. If you want, you can browse the G Star Jeans store to check the variety of styles and models available today. But anyway, jeans are always there, and it is easy to ask why?

Jeans are there mainly for these three reasons (in any order): promotion, price and practicality.

  • Promotion.
    Jeans are the genuine American article of clothing. It’s been a sign of identity for representatives of the culture of the United States: actors and actresses, singers and rock bands always wore jeans since the fifties of the past century. Millions of people all around the world bought their jeans because their beloved idols wore it. The whole pop culture, the American one accepted in every country of the planet, cannot be imagined without jeans (and electric guitars, by the way).
  • Price
    Cotton is cheap and grown around the world. In addition, jeans are not a patented model and each manufacturer can make them with small variations so there is always a  pant within reach of each pocket. Some brands are quite expensive and offer new design and features every year (do you remember the surprising “stone washed jeans”?) but big stores are full of jeans massively produced in China and other eastern countries with really affordable prices. However, you must be careful because usually a ridiculously low price means also a poor quality.
  • Practicality
    The origin of the jeans is explained by the need to develop very resistant pieces, suitable for the hard work with livestock, in the farms and the mines.  The great innovation of the firm Levi’s, who is credited with popularizing this type of clothing, was to add a piece of copper in the parts that used to be broken: the fly and the pockets. So, you have really resistant pants with many pockets and loops that can be wore by anyone in every season of the year. How in the earth will this fail to be the most popular pants around the globe?

Of course, as anything in the life, jeans have also disadvantages and the main one is its bad relationship with weather: they are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. But, you know, nothing is perfect.


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