From funky cover ups to fun flip flops, getting dressed for the beach is always so much more than just choosing some shorts or a bikini, especially if you are out there to get noticed! But that doesn’t mean you should waste precious tanning time or cocktail-sipping time putting together the ultimate, sexy beach look. We have brought together some of the top swimwear styles to keep your eye out for this season, for both sexes- spend more time by the water and less deciding on what to wear! Whether you’re serious about swimming, simply want to catch a tan or want to catch a cuties eye by the pool, then check out our swimwear guide…


Fashion prints and fabrics made with aesthetics in mind may cut it around the holiday pool if you don’t plan on hitting the water, but generally materials such as cotton and some polyester are a poor choice for athletic swimwear as they absorb water easily. It is also important to consider swim wear that is made from durable synthetic fibres that are resistant to chlorine, UV rays and even sun screen- meaning they will last longer and not be damaged by pool chemicals.

For Him

Whether its designer beach shorts you are after or something a little more affordable, it’s important that you pick a style that suits you best! Briefs or speedo’s are designed to give you a streamlined silhouette and are highly favoured for the amount of movement and freedom they offer. If you can put your modesty aside, then briefs are the best all round option. For a little more modesty, swim trunks or ‘aqua shorts’ come in a range of colours, patterns and fit styles, ideal for any gentleman. They are often high enough to minimise drag (perfect for practicing your breast-stroke) and are ideal for those not comfortable with briefs- they also offer a great deal of comfort and are a step away from super-baggy beach shorts that can be unflattering.

For Her

Women will find a great variety of swimwear options on the market today, due to the original swimsuit being so well developed and altered from its original, conservative style. If you would prefer to spend more time in the pool than tanning, an all in one swimsuit will be your best option. Next comes the tankini: the ideal combination of a bikini and swimsuit as it covers up more of your body but allows greater flexibility of movement. Bikinis are certainly one of the most popular styles of swimwear and this may be due to the sheer range of styles and materials there are on offer at the moment. While it can be tricky sometimes, it is important to keep an eye out for the option of being able to select separate top and bottom pieces if possible as you are more likely to find the perfect sizes for your body shape as opposed to compromising and having an ill-fitting top but correctly fitting bottom (or vice versa).

No matter what style of swimwear you go for this summer, be sure to rock your look with confidence!


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