Nothing beats a little bit of personalisation when it comes to bags. From cotton to paper and plastic, custom printed bags are great to showcase that added little stamp of creativity and individuality. Whether you’re a retail business or looking for innovative ways to gift-wrap your Christmas or birthday presents, printing a design or brand onto your bags can really take the contents of your bags that extra mile. Bags are also bale to act as a powerful marketing tool as they allow your customers to walk out of a store and act as your brand ambassador without realising it! The majority of retail businesses have bespoke printed bags to give away to customers who make a purchase in their store. Printed carrier bags are affordable in larger quantities and can be produced very quickly through advanced digital printing methods. It would only be a small investment into a business and be very helpful in solving your packaging problems.

Unique designs that feature a brand logo, phrase of simply a pop of colour inject some personality into a plain bag and enable you to take your advertising to another level. Shoppers who walk out of a store carrying a branded bag make the brand more popular; think of the bags that are produced by Selfridges or Harrods- everyone can recognise their colours and typefaces which keep their name in the mind of casual passers-by subliminally. Having text and images on your bag is a great way to send a message to your potential future customers and the right design can easily tell someone what your brand is all about, be it luxury, food-based or for children.

In today’s commerce and media fuelled world, it’s easy to find a wide range of bag options for your specific needs. Many printing companies offer printed plastic bags, paper bags and cotton bags which each come with distinct uses and are ideal for different products. A paper bag may be best for lighter products such as gifts, while a cotton bag is better for heavier items.

Choosing the right material for your business or personal needs is essential as it can often convey a strong message about your brand. Some bags can be made from 100% naturally sourced materials, while others can be biodegradable and ethically sourced. Many of us are now more concerned than ever about the state of our environment and long-lasting bags are growing in popularity.

Retail packaging today has become more creative than ever before so be sure to get creative in terms of your choice of design and materials to stand out from your competitors. Bags are a super simple way to make a big impact and can be particularly useful around the festive period and on holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day (to name a few) as they could inspire shoppers to head your way!

As previously mentioned, custom bags are great for all sorts of uses. If you’re a creative individual who wants to add a special touch when giving away birthday gifts or Christmas presents, why not stock up on some printed bags that carry your name and make yourself into a brand?! Wrapping can be difficult and time consuming, so having a personalised printed bag to hand to pop your presents in may be a handy solution!

Why not try a more personalised approach to your bagging needs today and print on some bags today?!


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