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4 ways to make big savings on hen weekends


Getting away with friends has become a tradition for stag and hen weekends, whether it’s to sandy beaches abroad or the nearest big city. Hen parties continue to be massively popular, but they are also quickly becoming one of the most expensive parts of the wedding celebrations.

25% of us have paid more than £300 to attend a hen party weekend and,whichever way you look at it, that is a significant sum of money. Of course, as a good friend, you want to be part of the festivities. But should that be at the cost of, well, the cost?

The price of hen party weekends can be big, but they don’t have to be. And lower the spend doesn’t even have to mean a lesser experience.So for those lucky brides to be, and her hens, here are just a few of the ways you can have a hen weekend to remember and save a little (or a lot) in the process.

Swap Europe for the UK

It can feel like your hands are tied when organising a hen party weekend. Although European hen dos don’t have to break the bank, a weekend in the UK is a simple way to save some cash. England offers up some amazing cities for hen parties that can make for a unique hen experience.

For example, Edinburgh has been named by flight comparison website Skyscanner as one of the top 5 European destinations for hens. If your hen party live in Scotland then London, Cardiff can be a great destinations where the newness of the place makes the weekend feel like an adventure.

Maximise believe their range of hen party weekends in the UK prove that you get find a great weekend closer to home than you might think. They also offer last minute deals to some underrated and inexpensive British cities. For example, a hen party weekend in Nottingham can cost you as little as £85 per person.

Bring the spa to your home

A spa is a popular destination for hens who want to pamper themselves before the wedding day. They can be both fun and relaxing, especially for anyone who doesn’t fancy spending mind-boggling sums on a hangover.

Unfortunately spa hotels, especially really good ones, tend to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, one spa owner claimed that she would charge “around £50 or £60 for an hour’s treatment” even though she would use as little as 50p worth of products.

No matter how relaxing the hen weekend is, it’s not worth the stress caused when you look at your bank balance afterward. If a spa retreat is a must, hens should look for hen weekend packages to find the best discounts.

Alternatively, instead of a hen party weekend at spa, why not stay in and have it at your house.. This will save on the cost of accommodation and travel. You can instead be pampered by a mobile beauty therapist or even hold a DIY spa day. This way you can buy great cosmetic treatments and use them repeatedly rather than pay astronomical sums for a miniscule amount.

Have a sober hen party

If there is one thing that brides-to-be are more conscious of; than the financial impact of a hen party weekend, it is the toll a weekend of indulgence can have on your diet. Many couples spend the run up to the big day strenuously working out to get their ideal body for the big day so why ruin that so close to the finish line?

A sober hen party is attractive to those hens who don’t fancy a financial hangover, as well as a literal one. But what can you do instead? Well, there are plenty of sport and adventure activities you can do as well, or plenty of alternatives such as coffee days or fruit juice crawls.

Invite the stags along

As we’ve already established, hen party weekends are expensive. But, unless your husband-to-be is particularly unpopular, that will only be the half of the total cost for your weekends. Stags too love weekends away, just as much as the hens, and can spend as much, if not more, on their last night of freedom.

As many couples share the same friendship group, many friends don’t end up paying for one expensive weekend away, they end up paying for two. Fortunately, there is a solution hiding in plain sight! Joint stag and hen weekends.

Joint parties, coined distastefully by some as hag parties, are unisex celebrations which are an increasingly popular, fun and innovative way to cut costs. Why not snub the stereotypical night out and do more interesting, gender-neutral activities and games. You can make the most and hire an event venue or club space and have a fabulous time you’ll all remember.


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