Looking out the window and into the fog can be a magical experience in Venice. The grey mist clings to buildings and people, laying an enchantment across the entire city. Venice’s colourful buildings are transformed into a monochromatic stencil, lines blurred by the dense pea-soup of the weather. In this collection of monochromatic photographs, the artist has captured these moments. Like something previously viewed out of the corner of one’s eye brought suddenly to the forefront, these photos lay the hidden city before us to explore.

One photo, taken in San Marco Square, shows a woman walking a little dog, something she probably does each morning. In the photo, a wall of fog is bearing down in front of her and we see her, undaunted, headed straight for it. This woman knows this place, she is at home, and the cold and the fog do not bother her or her brave puppy. Yet, the picture paints her as an epic adventurer.

Taken by a Venice native, these photos reveal an insider’s perspective. It is not hard to imagine photographer Marco Secchi running these streets as a boy, receiving inspiration from the beautiful buildings and art of his home city.

In another print, we witness Asian tourists capturing a moment in the ancient city with modern technology, cell phones and selfie sticks. In a case of arts meets reality, their documentation will be catalogued in the largest history book of all time, the internet, while their modern clothes stick out in Secchi’s timeless monochrome.

An older man with a cap, long jacket and big pot belly crosses the street in another photo. His head is down and he doesn’t look into the fog as he rushes to the safety and comfort of a shrouded bistro. He is captured mid-stride, with one foot in the air, and his urgency jumps out at the viewer, the truth more clear in black and white than distracting modern panchromatic pictures would allow.

The Arabic architecture, striking curved gondolas and striped poles of the city stand out even in the dull grey fog. These photos are inspiring, eclectic and stir a wanderlust to travel to Venice in autumn despite the cold and rain.

The exhibition was held in Saint Petersburg, Russia and was a real success, with some pieces selling for thousands of dollars and two for a six figure amounts. Secchi has already been invited back next year to show Venice in black and white once more. So, we will be seeing more of this lovely city wearing her grey autumn veils. A photo zine “Venice Shrouded in Fog” will be published in April.

I think everyone has an important story to tell. For sure real stories are more interesting than pretend ones. So my approach is fast, casual and fun. I look for the moments in-between, because they tell the truth. I love energetic images taken in the bat of an eyelid,” Secchi said.

Marco Secchi is an Italian photo journalist who lives in London and works mainly in the editorial market. His photographs are regularly printed in newspapers, magazines, media and books and have appeared recently in Vogue, Guardian, Vanity Fair and the New York Times. Ha has few books and many exhibitions on his shoulder. He is known for being passionate about Leica cameras.

He approaches his work in a very off-beat manner. taking photos quickly, using the lens as a third eye, and trusting his talent and insight to get in the right details.


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