It seems like there are too many companies that throw the same office parties over and over again. A couple of cocktails at the bar outside the office might be fun every now and then, but it’s nowhere close to being an office party. If you’re organising a party for your office and are looking for something unique, here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

More than just booze and food

If you want your office party to be unique then you’re going to have to a little bit more than just rent a room where they can eat and drink. Give your employees some fun activities and games to liven up their evening. You don’t have to hire a bouncy castle, but a couple of activities will keep the party going and make everyone happy. Think about a treasure hunt, some team games or a few simple carnival games to get people having fun and to make your office party unique.

Give it a theme

Giving your office party a fun theme is a great way to instantly spice things up (and it makes planning a lot easier). Everybody can dress up, bring along props and take part in all sorts of themed activities and games that are guaranteed to get people laughing. If you get a photo booth you could even have lots of great photographs taken that match your theme and you can customise them as much as you would like. Photos are a great way to bond your team together and can be used to decorate the office when the party’s over. When you have control and unlimited options, your office party is guaranteed to be unique.

Bring the party somewhere unusual

If you want a unique office party, you’re going to have to think outside the box. Rather than just using the meeting room to fit a couple of extra chairs, take your employees somewhere fun or quirky. Rent a party boat, book a few lanes at a bowling alley, take them paintballing. If you want to go all out, surprise them at the office and take them somewhere unique. Seeing the look on their faces when you take them somewhere special will be well worth the cost and you’ll find that, more than the cost, it’s the thought that is the most appreciated.

Give up being the boss for a bit

It’s always a bit weird partying with your boss, but that’s probably not what you want to happen. You want your employees to cut loose and have fun without worrying about being in charge. Let your hair down, dress up, have a few drinks and show your employees a side to yourself that they never knew existed.

Eat something a little different

Finger foods and pizza are almost always served at parties, so why not mix things up a little and get some special food. Try a pancake bar, sushi buffet, cereal sampler, a make-your-own smoothie table and anything else you can think of. Make food exciting and pick up some choices that you wouldn’t normally think of. Waffles and cocktails? Count me in!


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