Summer is around the corner and there is no better way to enjoy the hot days than going to the beach to enjoy fun under the sun’s rays. If swimming has become something of a ‘bore’ for you, the good news is there are many more activities that you can enjoy. Be bold, and be adventurous! Isn’t that what the summer season is about anyway? Try one or two of these summer activities to increase the spice in your sizzling beach getaway.

Some people believe that the only way to kayak is to be on the rapids. However, you also kayak on the beach. Even though it may not have the same quality of animation it would have on the rapids you will not only have loads of fun, but your arms will get a great workout as well.

Kayaking will require you to get into a little boat and row. Kayaking is a solo and partner activity. Up the ante by participating in a kayaking race or just enjoy a relaxing day watching the sun set.

Do you know the difference between wakeboarding and water skiing? When you are using a motorized wakeboard, you will only be using one ‘ski’ for standing. Although this makes wakeboarding more challenging than water skiing, it is also a more exciting activity.

The concept of both sports is basically the same. In both activities, you must use a strap that is harnessed to a durable jet ski or motor boat. You will find the strap beneficial as you begin slicing across the water. Make this summer activity more interesting by trying some obstacles or undergoing a time trial. If you want to unleash the daredevil inside of you, why not try some stunts while on your waterboard?

This activity is a little more dangerous than other beach/water activities, but it can also be fun and exhilarating. You will need to strap a parachute on and at the same time your harness is connected to a high-speed motor boat speeds across the water.

You will be lifted up and away from the ocean and as you ascend into the air, your parachute will open. Parasailing allows you to see the entire ocean from the viewpoint of a bird. Who knows, you may even be able to give a seagull a high five while you are up there.

Jet Skiing
Do you need to satisfy your desire for speed? You can do that by jumping on a jet ski. There is not a huge learning curve for this activity. The bonus is that you will get the experience of a lifetime. You can jet past water obstacles, or simply just enjoy the water. One thing is for certain, time will quickly fly by while you are out on the water.

When planning the many activities you will enjoy on the beach, be sure to choose your outerwear carefully. The proper sportswear, water shoes, and slippers will keep you safe and help you perform better.


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