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4 Smart Tips for Choosing Comfortable and Fashionable Athletic Shoes


Choosing the wrong type of athletic shoes could make you end up with very painful conditions like aching heels or shin splints rather than enjoying a brisk walk or short run. Although many specialty sports gear stores in Canada have intelligent staff to offer you guidance, you will be able to choose a more comfortable and fashionable shoe if you have adequate knowledge about your feet and the best type of shoes to use for training. The following expert advice will guide you when you are buying new footwear.

Know the Shape and Size of Your Foot

Each person has a distinct type of foot. To select a good running or walking shoe you need to do a wet test and determine the shape of your foot. So wet your foot with water, then place it on a piece of brown paper, and trace it. If you have been using a pair of shoes for training, you can examine it to see where it shows the greatest amount of wear.

If your footprint has the whole sole without any curve, you have flat feet. Your foot will roll inward and you should select a shoe that offers maximum support with motion-control. If your footprint shows just your forefoot and heel with a narrow link between them, your arches are high and you will tend to roll your feet inward when you run. You need to get a shoe with a soft mid-sole and arch support.

The size of the shoe will be determined by the length of the foot; it is advisable to measure it at the end of the day, when the feet are more dilated, and with the socks on. More and more manufacturers are incorporating the size in centimeters, which is much more reliable and homogeneous than the traditional manufacturer’s sizes. If you break your footwear a lot around your little finger, you may need specialty wide shoes for men.

Be Conscious of Foot Change

Although some people believe that foot size remains the same in adults, it is actually not true. A person who spends time hiking for several months will definitely have a larger foot at the end of nine months of hiking. So it is important to take fresh measurements of your foot at least two times a year. You should also note that sizes vary between brands. So Merrell shoes in Toronto – may not fit exactly like an addidas shoe of the same size. You should go for what fits your foot rather than what is advertised by the shoe manufacturer. When possible, do your shoe shopping at the end of the day when your feet have expanded because of activity.

Adopt the Rule of the Thumb

Ensure that you have a space of about half an inch (which is the width of a thumb) in between the tip of the shoe and your big toe. The heel of your foot should however have a snug fit. It must not slip out when you walk or run. The part of the shoe known as the upper should have a glove-like fit. It must not be excessively tight anywhere. In addition, experts recommend that your toes should be allowed to wiggle freely when you put on the shoe.

Understand the Innovative Features

Advanced walking and running shoe brands like the New Balance have various proprietary features that are added to provide the user with comfort, support and durability. Stores that offer the best deals for New Balance shoes sell shoes with seamless upper designs and special lacing systems. These shoes are constructed from attractive breathable synthetic mesh material that allows moisture and sweat to be dried up quickly. You also feel more comfortable while running due to the constant air flow. Other innovations include inner soles that are made from dual density EVA material that offers good shock absorption and gives you a springy feel when you are landing or taking a stride.

With these tips, you can easily choose a durable walking or running shoe that will offer you excellent performance. Ensure that the shoes fits comfortably from the onset and do not buy a tight shoe that is expected to break in after wearing it a few times.


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