The funny thing about love is that you can never control or harness when it is going to happen or with who. When a connection is created between two people sometimes logic does not come into play. Your head may be saying one thing but in the end, it is your heart that wins. Often the people that we fall in love with don’t live in the same place as us, and at this point, if the love is strong enough and the two of you decide to commit to a relationship together, you enter what is known as a long distance relationship.

For some people, this works great since they are naturally independent and perhaps love the idea of missing someone for periods of time then getting the reward of being able to see them again. It can become thrilling and in many situations can actually be the key to making love last even longer. For others, however, it can be a struggle as they feel themselves longing to see this person more and feel the deep connection that they share on a more regular basis. It doesn’t have to be a hard experience, however. There are ways of making it work and here are the best ways to do it.

Have Digital Dates

In the old days if you fell in love with someone who lived in another country you’d have to send letters by hand which could take weeks to be received. This slow process was probably excruciating for many. Yet in this modern age, we are blessed with technology which gives us the ability to not only be able to talk with but have video calls with the people we love.

Try to add some normalcy into your relationship like a couple who lives in the same city who have dates. In your case, you can call them “digital dates.” Set a few times each week where you have a nice long video chat to enjoy a conversation and share your love together. This will make you feel much closer to each other and ease the feelings of longing.

Make Your Physical Time Together Count

When you do get to see each other make sure that you are taking full advantage of your time. Instead of being aloof or tending to work or other pressing items, make sure that your scheduled time together is planned with fun and exciting activities which will carry over as wonderful memories to remember when you are missing each other again.

Develop A Plan For The Future

It is important to have a plan together about where your relationship is going rather than sitting in the dark about where you are going to take things. By developing a plan you will feel less frustrated and confused about what the next steps are.


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