It isn’t until football season rolls around that most people realise they do not have the sports channels, as at the time of buying their package they didn’t attach a lot of importance to them. Then one of the teams you like to watch ends up being played on a non-terrestrial channel and you realise you should of put more importance into finding a package that at least has some sports channels in it. When you are locked into a contract, you can also feel like you can’t get out of it or add channels, but there may be ways to do so. There are a few things you can do if you want to watch football this season for less.

Figure out what kind of fan you are

The first thing you need to consider is what kind of football fan you actually are. You may get caught up in the beginning of the season, but think through whether you will realistically watch enough football to justify changing your entire TV package. If you do not watch football that often, and only watch when your favourite, premier league team are playing, you will probably be best off just using freeview. If you watch quite often, or never miss a game, then you will need to start thinking about a sports package. Also, if you support a team that are not high up or even in the top tables, you will need to look for a sports package that plays all of the different division games.

Don’t get fooled by big names

Everyone knows that Sky Sports are the leaders in the sports channel market, but that does not necessarily mean that Sky is the cheapest place for you to get it. Most of the time, BT actually undercuts Sky on the price of adding Sky sports to your existing channels, so this is something you should look out for. Also, many people think that it is just Sky sports that have the rights to the premier league. While they do have the rights to the premier league, they are not the only ones that have the rights. BT sports also have the rights to certain premier league matches, and you can find out which ones on their website ahead of the season, which is the same with Sky. It may turn out that out BT sports will be a better option for you depending on what team you want to watch.

Use a comparison website

If you are looking for a new package, websites like Broadband Choices will let you compare all football packages available to you. You can use different filters to change the search, so you can either use the sites to find out what is best for you if you are adding or getting a new package. You can even use comparison websites to stipulate that you are only interested in the sports channels, so even if you are adding a completely new package to your existing one, you should still get the best deal.

It’s all about the resolution

Most channels now have an option for you to view normally or watch in HD. You will find with pay per view films and sports events that the HD is a little bit more expensive. If you are looking to add a sports channel to your package, ask if HD is extra. If you feel you could do without HD, you will probably be able to get it cheaper.

Tell your existing provider what you want

If you call up your existing provider and tell them exactly what you want from your existing package, they may be able to cut a deal for you. Most broadband providers will do anything they can to get you to stay, and a lot of the time if you get passed through to the cancellations department, they will have a lot more authority than other departments to give you offers. Make it clear you are leaving to get a better deal on sports, and they could offer you a discount that isn’t even advertised.


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