If you want to invest in some entertainment this year, consider buying tickets for a few fantastic off-Broadway shows. Spending time on The Great White Way and in similar districts in other cities can introduce you to new styles of performing arts and allow you to enjoy your evenings after long days at work. Following are three off-Broadway shows you shouldn’t miss.

Blue Man Group

It’s part music, part performance art, and part spectacle. The Blue Man Group has performed all over the world, and it has maintained its home in Chicago’s famous Briar Street Theatre for about 20 years. The Blue Man Group uses various techniques to comment on changing technology, art, culture, and society.

You’ll experience comedy, tragedy, and plenty of heart-pounding beats at a Blue Man Group show, whether you choose to attend a performance in New York City, Chicago, London, or somewhere else entirely. The performance troupe consists of three men who wear blue costumes and paint, including skull caps, and although the performers have changed over the years, the fact that none of the characters speak has not.

If you’re interested in music, art, and social commentary, you’ll want to see the Blue Man Group at least once. You can check out their studio albums if you want to get familiar with their material before you see the show, but you might enjoy a more immersive experience if you walk into the theater with no expectations.

NEWSical the Musical

Think of “NEWSical the Musical” as one lampoon joke after another, often commenting on modern-day scandals and tabloid-magnet celebrities. The long-running show has existed in off-Broadway venues for several years now, and the creators continually update the material to reflect the current news. From Miley Cyrus to Tiger Woods, nobody can escape the writers’ sharpened pens.

“NEWSical the Musical” also sometimes features guest stars in addition to its regular cast, an arrangement that represents a departure from typical musical troupes. For instance, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss performed a two-week stint with the musical in 2014. You can see the show in several cities throughout the United States, and each features an ensemble cast of comedians and singers who specialize in both one-liners and physical comedy.

Sleep No More

Punchdrunk, a British theater company, has produced numerous Broadway, off-Broadway, and off-off-Broadway shows since its inception in 2000, including well-received performances like “Woyzeck,” “Faust,” and “The Masque of the Red Death.” Its latest offering is “Sleep No More,” a retelling of Shakespeare’s iconic “Macbeth,” that takes storytelling to a new level.

Instead of presenting a play from acts one through three, each performance proceeds at its own pace, directed by audience immersion. The performance includes homages to other famous storytellers, including Alfred Hitchcock, and the settings differ depending on the city in which you watch it.

When you need something to do on a Saturday night, don’t resign yourself to an evening in front of the television. Get dressed up and see one of these amazing off-Broadway shows.


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