Anxiety can be an incredibly debilitating condition, from stopping you enjoying yourself while out and about, and keeping you up at night, to preventing you from socializing with friends, and making it hard to form relationships. There are a number of medical solutions you can try to ease your anxiety, but not everyone wants to go down this route, nor does it work for everyone. So, if you want to try more natural remedies first, see how you get on with this list. It will take time to know what works for you, and much of the time, it will come from knowing your triggers and what you need to avoid or seek out. Whatever method you deecciide tto try , you should always seek advise from your doctor first.

Learn to meditate and do so frequently

One of the worst symptoms of anxiety is frequent panic or anxiety attacks. These often feel like you’re having a heart attack, and are very draining to go through, especially if they happen regularly. So, by learning to control your breathing, you can get a handle on these attacks. There are many ways you can learn to meditate: if you don’t like going out, try getting a mindfulness self-help book or audio book, or look for one about meditation. Or, if you’re comfortable going out, enroll in a yoga class. Not only will you be getting exercise, but you’ll learn how to breathe properly. This is vital in controlling anxiety attacks, as the reason they get worse is fast breathing and losing control.

Take care of your body

While it won’t end your anxiety, ensuring you’re getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and eating well will help to dispel some of the triggers you might have. A lot of anxiety is health or appearance related, so by taking care of your body, you’re helping to prevent some of the worries that relentlessly attack your brain.

Try natural supplements

There are various different natural supplements you can take to help relax you and ease your anxiety. Cloud 9 Hemp, for example, specializes in certain oils and vapors that are well recognized for reducing anxiety. Likewise, using herbs and natural essences like chamomile will work wonders.

Plan as much as possible

If you suffer from anxiety when you go out, then try planning and visualizing. Before you go, make sure you have a foolproof plan: the times you need to be places, the method of transport you’re using, and the people you’re meeting. Then, take some time to visualize it all going well, and you having a fun day out. By mentally picturing this positive situation, it’ll be more likely to go well.

Exercise regularly

Getting regular exercise isn’t just good for the physical reasons, but for mental too. Exercise produces feel-good hormones, helping to override the more negative ones that anxiety works on. Plus, by exercising, you’ll be more tired when you get home, meaning you’ll be more likely to have a good night’s sleep. Exercise can also give you a reason and purpose to leave the house every day, or every few days, and will give you an often needed confidence boost.


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