Weekend activities worth your time

Never underestimate how much you can get done over the course of a weekend. It’s the perfect time to mix in a little fun and responsibility. You probably don’t have time for much when you’re busy working and taking care of the home during the week.

That’s why it’s smart to plan and prepare for the time you do have over the weekend. Be careful not to schedule so much that you feel overwhelmed or stressed out by the time it’s over. It’s important to be kind to yourself and make time for rest too. See weekend activities worth your time.


Even though it’s not that glamorous, cleaning is a great activity for you to tackle on the weekend. Enlist the help of your family members and it’ll go much faster. Spread out the tasks so you’re not trying to cram it all into one Saturday. Plan out weeks and even months ahead so you don’t have to worry about what’s on the to-do list as each weekend approaches. Organizing and cleaning will have your home looking spotless and you feeling good because you’re not living in a mess. Keep your home tidy during the week and save the deep cleaning for the weekends when you have more time.

Oil Change

It’s smart to keep on top of your car requirements. Take your car into an import auto repair shop and have your oil changed or any other maintenance items checked out. They offer free brake inspections and loaner cars to customers who need to drop off their vehicle for major repairs. Schedule an appointment ahead of time so they’re aware that you’re coming. You’ll feel at peace knowing your car is in good hands.

Family Time

Family time is important and the weekends are the perfect opportunity to get everyone together. Plan an activity or outing ahead of time so everyone can clear their schedule. Go to a movie, take the dog for a hike or indulge in ice cream together. Change it up each week so you’re always sharing in a new experiences as a group. This is precious time that you’ll never get back, so do whatever’s in your power to make sure everyone follows through and shows up. Vote on the activity each week so each person’s participating in the planning.

Grocery Shopping & Cooking

Weekends are prime time to get your grocery shopping done and cook. Make a list during the week so you’re prepared to hit the store whenever you feel like it on your days off. Plan out meals for the week and chop, organize and cook what you’re able to ahead of time. Turn on some music and try to unwind while you cook. You’ll thank yourself for planning ahead when the week arrives and you’re rushing around packing lunches and getting meals on the table.


Weekends are a time for rest and to be productive. Plan ahead so you’re ready to accomplish what’s on your list when the time comes. These are weekend activities worth your time.


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