Reasons why Dubaians love luxurious supercars

Did you know that a night in some of the most lavish Dubai hotels costs more than most people’s annual rent? That’s right, you could easily find yourself paying between $23,000 and $35,000 for a night in Dubai. Dubai not only boasts of housing numerous of the world’s tallest buildings, but is also home to the world’s most luxurious hotels, world’s largest aquarium, and the world’s biggest mall. There are plans to build an even bigger mall and construction is underway to set up the biggest airport in the world. All this in one city!

Well, these are some of the facts that prove that Dubai is just on top of the game and there’s not much competition. Dubbed the city of gold, Dubai is awash with opulence. Many cities in the world might be bigger and better, but for Dubai, it’s all about decadence – luxurious self-indulgence. Part of this luxurious lifestyle is brought about by the ubiquity of opulent supercars in the city.

Flashy, Loud and Fast: The Supercars of Dubai

Believe it or not but in 1968, there were only 30 cars in Dubai. Now one of the fastest growing cities in the whole world, Dubai’s traffic is congested with an assortment of supercars. Dubai supercars are all over, some even abandoned to gather dust in the city’s airports. Just so you know, Dubai supercars are so ubiquitous such that even the police drive the likes of Lamborghini’s, Bugatti’s and Ferrari’s – some of the fastest cars in the world to help facilitate their work. Do you know of any other police department with such pleasure and privilege?

What Drives the Flashy Car Fixation in Dubai?

It’s a wonder how and what contributes to Dubai supercars. Here are some factors that have brought Dubai this far with regards to opulent supercars.

First, Dubai’s government system is comprised of affluent sheiks who through the government systems have enabled the development of a wealthy community. Dubai is a thriving economy developed by trade and tourism. Tourists, businesses residents, and the government all work together, and have contributed to making Dubai a wealthy state – wealthy enough to afford supercars and make their maintenance cheaper. Such luxurious lifestyle is seeing the rich replace car number plates with personified plate numbers. It’s not uncommon to spot a Lamborghini on roads driving about with remarkable license plate numbers. As a matter of fact, the community in Dubai believes that people will offer you much respect if you have personalised number plates.

Secondly, the low cost of living and the fact that the government does not charge tax on citizens provide the people with the opportunity to spend 100 percent of their income. Affording supercars for them is therefore like purchasing a standard vehicle.

Thirdly, seeing that oil is one of Dubai’s natural resources, fuel prices are cheap, which allows people to not only afford these supercars but also have more reasonable maintenance costs.

Additionally, car insurance premium rates are low, which again makes the lifestyle of affording and maintaining a supercar possible.

Lastly, compared to other countries, renting a super car is cheaper in Dubai. Therefore, many flashy supercars on the streets could just be hired. Who wouldn’t enjoy a ride in a loud, flashy sports car in town for a relatively low price?

Many factors are bound to affect the economic nature of a city or country. In fact, countries with highly developed economies have seen their citizens afford much wealthier living. In addition, a people’s culture would also contribute to such affluent living. Being a Muslim dominated region, the United Arab Emirates state connects wealth with respect. Why then would they not go for opulent supercars?


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