The world of music has undergone a great evolution in part by going hand in hand with technology, especially in certain genres. But not only the compositions, but also the artists themselves, and a virtual pop star is raging in Japan and beyond thanks in part to the songs that make up their own fans.

She is Hatsune Miku, a female figure whose graphic representation resembles manga characters like those in ‘Sailor Moon’ and already has more than 100,000 songs accumulated (and in different languages) in its ten years of existence. The phenomenon has not only remained in Japan, but unlike other previous virtual stars of the country, is being known worldwide and even becoming the opening act of Lady Gaga itself.

When we talk about this virtual pop star, we essentially talk about a voice bank. That’s what Hatsune Miku is for the VOCALOID program, a voice synthesis software developed by Yamaha Corporation, with which you can compose songs that is the basis of the singer’s success. In fact, the star has versions (V3, V4, etc.) as usual with the software.

Thus, Miku is a creation of the Japanese company Crypton Future Media for that program that was launched for the first time in 2007 for version 2.2 of VOCALOID. It was still called only Miku and that year already won an award “All About”, the first of other awards such as AMD in 2008.

And how is a concert of a virtual singer? At the show level, it is not far from a live concert of any other singer or human group, depending on what is invested in lights, effects and others: a stage with a certain illumination in which in this case a hologram of a Miku of about ten feet.


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