Adrenaline fuelled activities great for Christmas presents and family fun

Next time your teenage son or daughter tells you that they’re bored, why not surprise them by taking them to do something a little bit out of the ordinary. Another trip to the park or going to see the latest blockbuster at the local cinema or popping out to get ice-cream is fine of course, but how about something to get them really excited? These adrenaline-charged activities are sure to get them away from their screens and talking about it for months afterwards.

Climbing challenges are springing up all over the UK in rural woodlands and urban parks, providing treetop walkways with a series of rope bridges and aerial slides to clamber across for hours. Many companies have developed a formula that’s safe and well organised, while providing just the right level of challenge for kids from five all the way up to adults, who are welcome to go too (if they dare!). There are usually different challenges to accommodate kids with all levels of expertise and daring, and a trip is going to take a good few hours once you factor in the safety instruction and probably wanting to go round the whole course again as soon as you finish!

For those not so keen on heights, what about the water? Not just another trip to the local swimming pool, but how about booking a water splash session. Most pools offer these at the weekends and in the school holidays, the Aqua Splash sessions at the London Aquatics centre probably the most well know (and the busiest, so book early). The whole pool is turned over to kids and a giant inflatable obstacle course set up to swim, dive and throw yourself at. You can take it slow and just try not to fall in, or see who can get to the end the quickest, either way you’re in for some wild wet fun!

For something truly out of the ordinary you could treat the kids to one of the many different experience days on offer. There are hundreds of different options to choose from. If you are stuck for 18th birthday ideas, a driving experience makes a great present. For younger teenagers, How about a giant underground trampoline session in a cave underneath Snowdonia National Park? Or zorbing in a monster size inflatable ball, rolling down a hill at speeds of up to 30mph (probably best to do that one before you eat lunch!)? Or land boarding, a cross between surfing, skate boarding and flying a kite! If you want to get really wet and you like speed, then try white water rafting and its crazy cousin, tubing, trying to stay afloat on the rapids in a rubber tyre!

If you want something a little dryer, then you could book onto one of the many Segway experiences available in all kinds of locations around the country. After a training session you can go on a tour of the area or try racing and showing off your skills on a slalom course. Be careful, those things can go pretty fast!

These extreme days out are sure to provide an amazing alternative to staring at an iPad or playing with the PS4 and are guaranteed to get rid of that familiar cry of “but we’re bored”!


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