Feng Shui is both a science and an art. A lot of people want to become involved in it, but it takes years of practice to become a true master like Pallavi Chhelavda. Unfortunately, because Feng Shui is now so popular, a lot of unscrupulous businesses market items as being “Feng Shui” in the hopes of making a few quick bucks. This is why Chhelavda felt it was time to address some of the most common myths out there, thereby ensuring people do not get ripped off.

Common Feng Shui Myths According to Master Pallavi Chhelavda

1.- The wealth corner is in the southeast

For some people, it may well be the southeast, but it all depends on their personal Kua number. Southeast is known as the “total loss direction” for men with an 8 Kua and women with a 5 Kua. Southeast is, effectively, an inauspicious direction for 50% of people, and placing items there in the belief that they will attract wealth will actually push it away, therefore.

2.- You should enhance happiness and health first

The way of Feng Shui is to identify where the bad sources come from, and defend against those. Only once proper defense has been put in place should people consider enhancing. And even in those cases, it is important to opt for dual role remedies, such as those that protect and enhance at the same time.

3.- You should always use red, because that is the color of wealth

Red is a color that represents the fire element and should therefore only be used in moderation. It activates and enhances anything metallic. An abundance of red is upsetting for the 5 Wu Xing Element cycle, which means the Feng Shui becomes unbalanced. Red should only be used in abundance for a short period of time to welcome in a new beginning such as marriages, lunar new years, or store openings.

4.- You are not allowed any clutter for Feng Shui

While it is certainly true that Feng Shui favors tidiness and organization, homes must also have character. The chi has to be able to flow freely, but you must also be able to feel safe, happy, and comfortable in your own home.

5.- The strongest items are polished and brand new

The items with the most potent knowledge are actually items that were buried in the earth. They have “matured”, which means they absorb earth energies. Imperial Coins and I Ching Coins that have been buried for some time are the most effective.

These are just some of the misconceptions out there about Feng Shui, and it is likely that you believed some of the myths to be true. That is because of misinformation and how rapidly this spreads in today’s digital world and society. If you want to balance the Feng Shui in your home, it is better to ask a professional master like Pallavi Chhelavda to come and complete a full investigation, helping you to identify your personal Kua and that of your loved ones, and determining what that means for each room.


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