There are a few different ways you can go about throwing a Christmas party. You can make everyone dress up in funny, frumpy Christmas sweaters and have eggnog and chat about the last fiscal quarter, etc. Or you can throw a fun party that people actually want to go to. You can still dress up in funny sweaters, but maybe instead of just hanging out, either at the office (if it’s a company party) or at your home (if it’s with your friends), try livening up the evening by doing something both competitive and fun.

Nashville winters can be frigid, so it’s tough to really partake in an outdoor activity, but luckily there’s something just as good that’s made it’s way to the city. With Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL, for short) making its way into Nashville, there’s finally a great way to spice up your average Christmas party. Whether it’s as a company teambuilding exercise, or you just want to challenge your crew to an axe throwing competition while wearing knitted sweaters, axe throwing is a cool alternative to the norm.

What tends to happen is that you book a pitch in advance (the more advance you give them, the better chance you’ll have of staking claim to any day you want), once you know the number of people coming show up with your crew. When you arrive, you’ll be given a lesson on how to throw an axe by one of the expert axe throwers, meaning that even if you’ve never even held an axe, it’s not an issue. They’ll teach you all about proper technique, how you’re supposed to hold the handle, the correct way of lining it up behind your head, and when to let go for maximum accuracy, among many other finer details.

You’ll then launch into a round robin tournament to see who is the ultimate axe thrower, a competition that peaks with a playoff round. It can absolutely be done by people with disabilities, so there’s no worry of it not being inclusive. As a teambuilding exercise, it’s just a fun, low-stakes competitive way of bringing people together, but it’s also great for building self-confidence. Because, really, who hurls an axe through the air, watching it splinter into the wooden target, and doesn’t feel like a god?

There are also ways of coordinating food to be brought to the event, so everyone has something to nibble on in between axe throws. All told, the axe throwing will probably last around an hour to a couple hours (more if you have a big group), at which point you can head to the bar to talk about who won, and how you totally deserved to win but your hands were just a slippery on that last throw. And if it’s something that everyone enjoyed, you could potentially even talk about starting either a team or a regular tournament; axe throwing is, after all, pretty infectious.

If there’s one thing a Christmas party shouldn’t be, it’s boring. That’s what the rest of the winter is for, and Christmas should be a break from the dreary weather and humdrum routine. Gather yourself a crew – whether that’s colleagues or friends – and find out who the ultimate axe thrower is. Now that’s how you “throw” an awesome party.


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