Baitcasting is one of the most common techniques used by anglers in the United States and all over the world to make sure that they have the chance to get a catch. Unfortunately, this technique and even more so, the equipment used for it, are not recommended for complete beginners.

The problem with good baitcasters, be they made of one material or the other, is that they do not address rookie fishermen and women. Casting is far more difficult with a baitcasting rod and reel. Even though the line guides are mounted on the top of the pole, much like they are in the case of spincasting, the reel used for baitcasting has a line spool that turns as the fisher casts. That is why the spool can snarl the line, at least if the angler doesn’t have the right amount of control over it.

Given these difficulties, baitcasting is a far less popular fishing technique in the United States. However, many fishers prefer it once they’ve perfected their skills, and that’s because the reels and other types of tackle involved in the whole process are far more rugged than those used for performing any other type of fishing. Plus, because casting is so hard, the satisfaction of catching a fish is far greater than it would be if one were to use a spinning outfit.

Part of the reason that baitcasting reels aren’t good choices for novices also comes from the fact that they are quite expensive, especially when compared to other kinds. Some of the priciest units can easily cost five hundred dollars or even more, and that’s without any extras.

Good quality baitcasting reels can be purchased for as little as fifty dollars, but one does have to invest a bit of time in a serious research process to find out what brands make dependable products and which do not.

In addition to all of this, the fisher also has to be aware of the fact that these reels are and feel considerably heavier when compared to their counterparts. They are typically made to handle heavier line and bait, and that’s why their build is rugged. But because they weigh a bit more than other types of reels, not only are they not recommended to novices, but they’re also bad choices for people whose physical attributes prevent them from holding and lifting heavy things for too long.

Of course, using heavier fishing equipment can actually be a benefit instead of a drawback as the weight can be used as an advantage at least when it comes to reeling and controlling the rod.

Finally, if you’re new to fishing and would like to learn how to do it, it might be a better idea to opt for an easy-to-handle reel such as a spinning alternative. Eventually, once you’ve become an intermediate to experienced angler, you can try out baitcasting reels, too.


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