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What are the top trending names in New York driving?


Being a proud parent of your car is a lot of responsibility. You have to consistently clean it, change the oil and perform routine maintenance on it. But, most stressful of all – you have to name it.

The constant duality of naming your it something tough, as a way to compensate your love for your car, or naming it something witty, to show people how smart you are, can way heavy one’s mind. As everyone knows, the second-best way to be a superb New York driver is to give your car a name.

The absolute best way is to take a NYS defensive driving course.

To help you choose the best fit for your beloved automotive baby, here are the top trending names in New York driving.

1. Ice Cube

New York can get extremely cold during the winter. So, why not have a constant reminder of the cold weather, ways to cool down a drink, or your favorite hip-hop artist? Naming your car Ice Cube will solve all those issues.

This name serves as a fair warning to everyone who enters your car. You won’t need to explain the heater is broken. Passengers will already know based off the name.

2. Bruce

It’s something about the pronunciation of the name that really makes the car. Bruce is a fitting name for any vehicle if you want to intimidate yet charm your passengers.

Knowing your car’s name is Bruce will make your defensive driving feel a lot easier, because Bruce is just the name of every muscular guy ever.

Just imagine you and Bruce “taking the thruway to Albany.” Passengers will feel at ease riding in a car that sounds like it can beat them up.

3. Maximus

Here’s a common name for those who desire to be superior than others. The Latin word for “greatest;” Maximus is a name used to describe most nasty cars through upstate New York.

With a name like Maximus, most cars on I-81 will part ways to make room for you, because the driver of this car is clearly a Greek Commander guiding his fearless stallion into war.

4. Penelope

When you’re driving a car that is more friendly than it is burly, one popular name to consider is Penelope. Feel free to take 5-minutes to reflect on your life. Try to envision one awful experience with someone named “Penelope.”

You can’t. All you can imagine is a sweet old woman who just baked you cookies.

That’s your car’s personality with the name Penelope. You don’t have to show how tough your car is, because people will be treating it with the respect they have for their very own grandmother.

5. Sharon

If you want your car to take on an almost real persona, then give it the name “Sharon.” The names Penelope and Bruce are both human names, but they have a sense of suspended belief. “Sharon,” on the other hand is different.

Sharon” is the person who works down the hallway from you. “Sharon” is also the lady who is checking out your groceries at the bodega. “Sharon” is your aunt.

If you want people to think your car is an actual person, then give it the nickname “Sharon.”

If you have a Tesla, see what 2018 has in store for Elon Musk.

But now that your car has a name, make sure to keep it safe. Be a defensive driver.


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