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Tips to becoming a great dancer

LeisureTips to becoming a great dancer

The art of dance is absolutely beautiful. Through unique movement, dance can be used to express and convey emotions, tell stories and often provide a form of ‘escape’ for some people. The benefits for both dancer and observer are truly something else – a way of speaking without words.

This art form isn’t always for everyone, but nearly anyone could learn how to dance if they are passionate, able and willing to put in the work. This article will hopefully provide a few pointers for those who are passionate about dancing and are wanting to know how to either: begin their dancing career or become a great dancer for the sake of it.

1.- Choose a Style to Start off

Salsa, Cha Cha, Hip-Hop, Interpretive, Ballet, Samba, Robotic… There are so many different styles of dance. Although it is possible to learn how to dance in a number of styles, it is a good idea to choose one particular type to start off with and branch out from there.

Just like anything when it comes to learning new skills, someone who is completely new to dancing and teaching their body how to move in certain ways will almost always likely find it easier if they’re concentrating on one particular style at a time. Once they have trained their bodies and practiced the basics, they’ll find it easier to transition into or apply other styles.

2.- Seek Inspiration and Guidance

Contrary to belief, dancing as a career can be very difficult. A dancer’s life is often viewed as glamorous, effortless and ‘free spirited’, however most professional dancers are practicing every single day and have their lives scheduled specifically around their careers. It can become draining, even for professionals and others who are truly passionate about it.

Finding inspiration and seeking guidance is a great way to keep spirits high and stay determined! One who is wanting to start their career in dance or simply just learn how to dance for fun has a better chance at accomplishing their goals when they are able to maintain the passion and drive that willed them to pursue it in the first place.

Watching online videos of dancing or dancers that inspire them is a great way for someone to stay on track with their dancing goals. Seeking guidance from people who are already dancers, sharing and listening to their struggles and triumphs, knowing they aren’t alone with their struggles can also really people.

Taking classes is also a great way to learn. Dance teachers have gone through the same things as learning students and know how to cater for students needs!

3.- Experiment & Practice

There is no ‘real’ or specific way to dance. The definition of it is literally: ‘moving rhythmically, in a quick or lively way to music,’ no more and no less! The purpose is to feel good in moving the body, whichever way that may be.

Newbies should experiment! The best way for them to experiment is to stand in front of a full length mirror, put on their favourite tunes and just start moving. They should focus their attention on how to make their bodies perform specific moves and learn to control their movements.

Like everything, it takes both time and practice to learn a new skill. If at first the body isn’t ‘obeying’ the brains command, keep trying, Sydney dance lessons will be teachers there to help you. And don’t forget to slow down, as slow as needed and allow the body to get used and ease in to certain movements! It’s surprising what the body is capable of with consistent practice, patience and proper determination.

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