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4 stylish backpacks for the working woman


With work attire evolving from smart suits to more relaxed rules, women have bid farewell to stiff shoulder-padded jackets, pinstriped suits and high heels. There is now a bit more room for personal flare and that transcends into their accessories, too. Carting devices to and from work, as well as other day to day essentials, means investing in your bag is key. We think backpack styles are the way to go to ensure comfort and an even weight spread across your shoulders. We’ve narrowed it down to the top designs you need.

1. Satchel

Bid farewell to cross body, messenger bags. You can now buy this classic design as backpacks and enjoy the sturdy structure. With a variety of colours available on their bags, The Cambridge Satchel Company is one to watch in this chic, traditional style. Depending on what you want to squeeze in there, portrait shapes are available, ideal for laptops and notebooks. Made from the finest leather, you can also bet they’ll be worth the price tag and never go out of style.

2. Fjallraven

The tardis of backpacks, Fjallraven backpacks are a hit for their minimalist design. Although a hefty price-tag, they boast the quality and space needed for this kind of investment to be justified and look effortlessly cool if you’re all about current street trends. If you’re into ethical and environmental designs, these bags tick that box, too, made 100% from recycled materials. You can buy and save at Cotswold Outdoors by shopping through My Favourite Voucher Codes, as well as other retailors stocking the brand.

3. Slouchy High Street Backpacks

Browse the likes of New Look in their bags and accessories section and you’re sure to find a very basic but classic backpack with drawstring and popper design. These slouchy options offer the room, whilst also adding touches of structure with extra zipped up compartments in the lining and a front pocket for those items you always want in easy to reach places. They’re generally a cheaper option, but still offer the practicality and style you’re after that a handbag just doesn’t.

4. Printed Backpacks

If your style is a bit more alternative, or you want to invest in something durable that will last in terms of time and fleeting trends, go for the traditional backpack design you would have worn as your first backpack for school. It needn’t sound that unpleasant, though. You can now buy a range of colourful designs and prints to add your own personal tastes. Shop the likes of Quiksilver and Roxy for a selection of patterns. These backpacks are ideal for lugging around work devices and following up with an evening gym session.

From sleek style to unwavering practicality, consider these styles and brands when it comes to picking out your next bag for work. It’s always good to consider hefty price tags as an investment and find styles that are likely to look good for years to come. Cheaper bags will no doubt quiver under heavy weights, so reserve the smaller price bracket for hitting those trends on bags you won’t mind getting rid of in the changing seasons. Look great on your commute and rest assured that you’ve got everything you need to soar from 9 to 5.


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