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Trendiest bags a man should own

LeisureTrendiest bags a man should own
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Once upon a time bags were seen as a utility and a necessity. Price and quality were the only criteria of buying a good bag and people only bought one, when they absolutely needed one. In the late 20th century, bags emerged as a fashion accessory for women. Women were considered underdressed and incomplete if a matching bag to complement and complete their look was missing, regardless whether they even needed a bag or not.

Big fashion houses emerged with their own lines of bags such as Hermes, Burberry, Prada, Coach and Louis Vuitton. The late 20th century saw woman investing in bags that cost over $10,000. All this while men chose to stay a lot simpler. However, the boom in the fashion and media industry and the effects of the globalization did not spare men and over a period of time bags have become a thing among men.

As of today there are several types of bags available in the market and becomes a tad bit confusing for a customer to choose the right bag for himself. If you are a student or a professional who is looking forward to adding some spunk and style, here are 5 trendy bags that you should be adding to your wardrobe in 2018.

BackpackThe Backpack

The classic backpacks have always been a cult favourite and so far it looks as if they are here to stay. Backpacks essentially became a hit for the comfort and utility they provide to frequent commuters and travellers. However, over a period of time, it has emerged as a fashion symbol. You will readily find backpacks in various designs, prints, colours and materials available in the market.

Backpacks were originally treated as a trend by college students who would carry them around all day casually. As they underwent various modifications, the soon became a part of the various popular culture. The classical backpacks are usually economical and are considered as the most comfortable bag among all other options that are existing in the market.

The Gym Bag

If you have ever gone to a gym or a fitness or sports facility you must have witnessed these cool bags slipping inside the lockers. There are many sleek and stylish gym bags available now that look classy and will catch an eye the next time you will enter the gym. It would not look nice to carry your gym clothes in a backpack.

The Messenger Bag

Messenger Bags have been a cult favourite among most men and has proven to become an excellent replacement for backpacks. Messenger bags are somewhat a hybrid version of a backpack and a briefcase. They are not only very spacious but also look outstanding when you carry them.

Newer messenger bags also come with tech pockets so that you can organize the contents of your bag in a better way without damaging or cramping them. Moreover, many men find it much more comfortable and secure relative to backpacks because they believe a shoulder strap is much easier for them to manage.

The Briefcase

Briefcases have seemed to exist for as long as we have existed. Mostly, these are used by working professionals. The hard cases help in protecting the contents of the briefcase and keep them from damaging. On the downside, briefcases can be bulky and difficult to carry. In the recent past leather giants such as Samsonite have brought in newly designed briefcases where you cannot see the person you are working for. The new briefcases are made of genuine leather or leatherier and are much more stylish with their sleek design and its ability to hold all kinds of contents,

Holdall Bags

Hold all bags emerged as a cult favourite and became a massive hit in no time. Holdall bags got their name for the space they provide and their ability to keep the contents of the bags organized. They have become a rage among people who frequently travel for weekend getaways or short excursions and prefer to travel light. The bag is not bulky and is moderate sized but has enough space to hold clothes and other important necessities required for a 3-day trip. You can also stuff in your gadgets and notebooks if need be.

Toms Canvas Tech Bags

Toms need no introduction when it comes to men’s fashion accessories. The canvas tech bags by Toms are a hit among people who are tech savvy and have a whole lot of gadgets and peripheral devices to carry while they are on the move. The tech bag has enough spaces to keep all the tech supplies perfectly organized in the bag. The design is essentially that of a backpack but it was slightly modified by adding more storage pockets so that they can be marketed as a must-have product for tech-savvy people.

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