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What is Your Car’s IQ?


Everyone loves their cars like they love their children. As a parent, it’s a disappointment when your good willed child turns out to be an idiot. Just like any doofus kid they’re still lovable, but, you can’t help but think how you kind of wanted more for them. This applies to your car too!

Knowing that you might have an idiot for a car could be life changing. You had the sneaking suspicion that your vehicle might be kind of dumb when you couldn’t find an USB connect. Another instance could have been when you needed a light but realized your car doesn’t have interior lights. Perhaps it was the time you programmed your car’s GPS to take you to San Antonio, but you ended up in New Mexico.

The signs are all there. But, whether your car has an IQ of 180 or… just 80, it’s still your car baby and you drive it with love. The average IQ in the U.S. is between 90 to 110. If you don’t know what your car’s IQ is, don’t worry, because we’re going to show you!

Crossover Vehicles

A Crossover’s IQ is roughly 110. Congratulations! You’re driving a car that’s on the high end of the average spectrum. It’s utility capabilities and versatile road condition resistance gives it a great IQ score. We can see your Crossover getting a job in marketing or analytics!

Station Wagon

Oof. Looks like your Station Wagon racked in an IQ of 89, which is placed below average. You may have noticed when you found out your car’s only redeeming quality is holding a lot in the trunk. But, it’s okay, at least you drive a vintage staple of American automotive history!

Smart Car

Genius alert! If you’re driving a Smart Car, you might be the genius. At least you need a high IQ to know how to drive these cars. Smart Cars rack in an IQ of 145, because they’re built for efficiency. Perfect for fuel economy, equipped with a sleek, sporty style, and programmed with computers that can even detect strong winds; these cars work like a computer, because they practically are a computer. But, just like the smartest kid in school, they can easily be pushed over.

Midsize Car

Your Midsize Car IQ is 105. With comfortable seating, room for luggage, and convenient driving system, your Midsize is known for its ability to win the hearts of everyone. The most popular car you will see on the road, it makes sense that it also has an average IQ!


Uh-oh! The convertible received an IQ of 75. But, have you seen what a nice convertible looks like? Like a super attractive model who is dumber than a brick, your convertible has its highs and lows. Lows being it’s IQ, of course. But, that doesn’t keep people from having a good time riding in it with the roof down!

Pick Up Truck

The Pick-Up Truck has an IQ of 98. It’s not a dummy, but it’s not a smarty either. The Pick-Up Truck lacks versatility, but it makes up for it with strength and luggage room. Texas’ most popular vehicle of choice is also a symbol of hard work and grit. It doesn’t need book intelligence, because it has a truck bed and big wheels!


With an IQ of 125, the SUV is the humble genius of the entire car family. It doesn’t like to talk about its superior intelligence, because it’ll let the driving talk for it. With a smart interior cabin, cozy seats, compact yet spacious design, and off-roading capabilities, these cars are built for versatility. But, they don’t want to throw it your face.

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That ticket cost doesn’t have to break your bank. So, add a few points to your own IQ by becoming a defensive driver. That’s how IQ’s work, right?


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