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Black Friday deals with a difference


Everyone loves a bargain, especially when the holiday season is approaching and there are family presents to buy. That’s why Black Friday is so popular, and in recent years it has transformed the way that we shop during the vital retail months of November and December. Shops that were once busy are seeing decreased footfall as more and more consumers shop online to secure a deal. More than five billion dollars was spent online over the crucial weekend in 2017, but some Black Friday deals were just a little different.

Nothing Is Too Much for Cards Against Humanity

‘Cards Against Humanity’ is the irreverent and fun card-based game that’s taken the world by storm since it was launched in 2011. Satire is at the heart of the game, and with its often controversial content, it’s certainly not one for the younger members of a family. The makers of the game have also become famous for their ‘anti-Black Friday’ deals, and in 2017, as reported by WallStreetHedge.com, they sold absolutely nothing for the princely sum of five dollars. Surprisingly lots of consumers raced to take up this offer and handed over their cash for nothing more than a thank you message. Maybe it was a smart move, after all a five-spot is not much to pay for an amusing anecdote to share with friends.

Turn Your Pet into a Troll

Do you remember trolls? Those cute, or possibly annoying, little dolls with crazy and colorful hair first made an appearance in 1959 and they periodically keep coming back into fashion. Each new generation discovers troll dolls, whether they want to or not. Original trolls are now sought after collectables, and the phenomena is now reaching out to our beloved pets. One of the most eye-catching deals of the last Black Friday was a headband designed for a dog that transformed them into a troll. It’s certain to catch the attention of everyone you pass, but your four-legged friend may never forgive you.

Free Reindeer Droppings – Not Necessarily from the North Pole

If you ordered some free reindeer droppings on Black Friday, you might expect to receive some amusingly shaped chocolate drops or some sort of trick item. Nope, Tanga had other ideas, and for Black Friday 2013 they really did sent out free packets of reindeer dung to those who had taken advantage of their generous offer. These were sure to grab the attention of children, especially if told they had come straight from Santa’s workshop, but it was important to ensure they didn’t get mistaken for raisins.

These Black Friday deals were fun and inexpensive, and helped to raise the profiles of the companies behind them, but some deals can be out of the ordinary for very different reason. Before making what seems to be a bargain purchase online, always check the price of the item elsewhere. Failure to do so could result in you paying more than you would have at other times of the year, and that can result in a black day whenever you check your bank balance.


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