If you are new to road biking trails in Maryland, get ready for epic new adventures. When it comes to discovering Maryland why not think about doing so by bike. Biking will help you see some of the most picturesque spots in the region.

Let pedaling on two wheels take you to new spots and open your eyes to places along the way that you would ordinarily miss. Whether you are only interested in meandering fun trails, paved road riding or rugged mountain biking terrain, there are routes and trails suitable for all kinds of riders.

Many rides are effortlessly accessible, either near quaint, friendly towns or close to urban areas. We rounded up the coolest, most magnificent, bike trails in the state. So find the one that suits you, put your bike on your cycle rack and head out for an unforgettable ride!

1. The Ohio Canal and Chesapeake

The Maryland “Grand Old Ditch” was constructed to connect the state; today, it is a paradise for bikers with hundreds of miles of biking trail. This path starts in Cumberland and includes other notable stops. However, it’s easy to go for a self-guided tour because of the availability of a mobile app that explicates the historical significance of some areas along the biking trail. Bring a bright bike light, you can take an informative guided night tour. Don’t have a good light yet? Check out some here on Outsidepursuits.com.

2. Seneca Creek State Park

The park features over 50 miles of well-maintained trails running along the beautiful creek and Clopper Lake. Stop by to see the Black Rock Mill, partially restored with some exhibits about the mill and how it was operated, as well as the Seneca Schoolhouse, the one-room schoolhouse constructed towards the end of the War out of the signature red Seneca Sandstone that was used to make the Smithsonian Institution’s Castle.

3. Jefferson Patterson Park

In Maryland, some series of trails pass through this park, and it is home to the archaeology museum in the state. Stop by the Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, as it serves as a clearinghouse for artifacts discovered by local and state agencies all through Maryland.

4. Great Allegheny Bike Trail

Bike through the Great Allegheny Passage which was named by the National Geographic channel one among the “Top Ten Trips in the Globe” in 2012. Spectacularly beautiful and stretching over 159 miles from Cumberland, passing through Frostburg on to Pittsburgh, this Passage bike trail makes use of viaducts, historical tunnels, and bridges for a calm, mostly smooth journey through the state’s Appalachian Mountains and the friendly small towns around Western Maryland.

5. Gunpowder Falls State Park

Another of Maryland’s biggest and most distinct recreation areas welcomes all bikers for long or short trips. This Trail follows twenty-one miles of the Northern Central Railway to the Pennsylvania border. For tourists who want to learn about the trail’s history, we recommend the renovated train station located in Monkton.


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