When summer rolls around, outside is better than inside. That is always true if you find yourself in Colorado. Colorado offers the adventurist, outdoor-lover and adrenalin junkie all something to whet their appetite or satisfy a desire to experience the most of the natural beauty of Colorado.

Here are few ways you can enjoy the most of a summer in Colorado.

1.- Hiking & Backpacking

Colorado has a peak, walk or wander path that suits every level of hiker. There are peaks for the professional face climbers, right through to footpaths for people that enjoy nature at a more sedentary pace. The number and varieties of backpacking available are diverse, and it is all easily accessible.

You can be walking along a grassy footpath and very quickly find canyons and cliffs that yell out to be explored. You are spoilt for choice for scenery, such as wildflower meadows, cliffs, grasslands, waterfalls and sleepy meadows. You can go for the day, or go for a week. The beauty of backpacking is how little equipment you need. A backpack, tent and sleeping bag and your ready to go!

Some of the popular hiking paths are Shrine Pass, Lake Isabel, Hanging Lake, Sante Fe Trail’s Sierra Vista Overlook, and Horshoe Park.

2.- Camping

Taking some time to get unplugged from a busy life or technology is always a good idea. No better place than Colorado to do so. There are plenty of campgrounds that may inspire you to get-off-the-grid for a few day and explore nature. Colorado offers campgrounds for tents, campers and RV’s, you are only limited by the number of vacation days you have. Colorado offers over 22 million acres of forest, 41 state-run parks and plenty of campgrounds, so it is relatively easy to locate a spot to pitch your tent for few days.

Some popular campgrounds include Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Curecanti National Recreation Area, Pagosa Springs, AnselWatrous, and Silver Bar Campground.

3.- Mountain biking

Biking in Colorado is a way of life. Colorado claims to be the state that invented mountain biking, and it is easy to believe. Colorado has numerous bike trails and hosts many endurance and road biking trails. In spring and summer, you can enjoy every aspect of the mountain biking culture in Colorado and winter; those same trails can be enjoyed skiing and snowboarding. For the true mountain bike enthusiast, you can take your bike up a slope by way of a gondola and then ride down slopes that are usually reservedfor skiing in winter.

Some popular places on the bicycle are Eagle’s Loop, Silver Pick Trail; Let it Ride Trail, Trestle Bike Park, and Deer Creek Trail.

4.- Boating

You may be surprised by this considering that Colorado is a landlocked state. However, there are plenty of lakes and rivers to keep any boating-lover busy for days. You can find many hours and days of happy traversing the mountain basins and deep oases found on the open plains. You can bring your boat, or hire one from the many marinas that rent equipment and boats.

There is no excuse to stay indoors through summer when you are in Colorado. There is so much to do and see. Not to mention that state that holds the impressive Rocky Mountain Range. People travel from the world over just to see that mountain range in person.


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