Lots of families enjoy grilling steaks in their backyard, but every once in a while you’d want to dine on steak in a good restaurant. We know that in Baton Rouge there are some really good steakhouse bar & grill establishments. But what if you’re traveling to the US West Coast? What are the best steakhouses in these states?

Of course, our list will probably start off an argument as to what constitutes the best—and our choices may not match your own picks. Nonetheless, we present our take on which steakhouse bar & grill to visit when you’re in Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Washington State.

Let’s start with the state will probably be a point of contention among steakhouse experts online. California has Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego, and numerous steakhouses in these cities try to claim the title as the best steakhouse in the state.
But no one’s going to argue that the Hitching Post in Casmalia isn’t among the best. The Ostini family has been hosting fantastic steaks here since 1952, and they have a century-old building that reeks of Old World Western nostalgic hospitality.
They don’t offer traditionally grilled steaks. Instead, they offer live-oak California-style barbequing over an open fire. It sure tastes unique and utterly fantastic, and it doesn’t hurt that its location is in the heart of California wine country either.

Yes, there’s always Ringside as a place to get a fine piece of steak. There’s also Ox in Portland, and it’s a real treat to enjoy the steak here. The place offers Argentine-inspired food, and the place is run by the super-chef duo of Greg and Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton. The two just recently won the James Beard award for Best Chefs Northwest 2017, so don’t just take our word for it.
In fact, just about everyone in Portland wants to try it here, so good luck getting in. Most of the time there’s a very long line of people just waiting to get inside. But then the wait may be worth it, especially with how the chefs here can do crazily wonderful things with their steaks.

Washington State
The Metropolitan Grill has been serving steaks for decades here in Seattle, even before the city became the hub of alternative rock and hipster coffee elitism. It’s an old-school place with mahogany doors, and it offers a glimpse into early Seattle history. At the same time, where else can you savor the taste of 100% pure Mayura Station Australian wagyu? Here every cut has been selected by hand and they’ve been custom dry-aged to perfection with their secret seasonings. If you’re ever in Seattle, a visit to the Met is a must.

Regardless of what some wits might say, you don’t get to see Russia from the main dining room of Simon & Seafort’s Saloon Grill. The place offers great steaks, and they received 1st place honors from the “Best of Alaska” 2017 Awards for best seafood and best appetizers.
They also won 1st place for best view, but that was a foregone conclusion. The panoramic views you get overlooking Mount Susitna, Cook Inlet, and the Alaska Range are breathtaking.

Yes, they serve good steaks in Hawaii. That’s especially true if you visit Hy’s Steak House in Waikiki, where the waiters wear tuxedos as they make your Caesar’s salad at your table. Here, they use Hawaiian kiawe wood, which gives the steaks a singular flavor that you won’t find anywhere in the US mainland.


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