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How to make sure you’re getting the right punching bag


Boxing is one of the most effective and convenient types of workouts there are out there. It’s great cardio, and it won’t crush your life savings if you want to do it at home. In most situations, you’re going to need just shy of three hundred dollars to get a heavy bag and install it properly in your home.

By comparison, building a whole home gym can cost you up to $3,000 and even more, depending on how picky you might be when it comes to your fitness equipment.

Getting the right punching bag is the first thing that should be on your mind if you want to use boxing to lose weight, get back in shape, or just build your body’s stamina and resistance. Here’s what you ought to consider if you’re having trouble separating the wheat from the chaff.

What’s the right weight?

It goes without saying that heavier bags will offer you more resistance, but you want to get cardio from boxing, too, so you need to pick the right weight. What is the right one, anyway? It’s the one that goes well with your own physical attributes, so your own weight. Get an 80-pound bag if you weigh 145 lbs.


Not all heavy bags are made the same. They vary in size, weight, shape, materials, and anything else. But the thing that really makes the difference between one and the next is the filling. Some can be filled with synthetic fabrics that do a good job when it comes to withstanding the test of time.

The trick is to have your bag checked more or less regularly so as to make sure that the fillings haven’t stacked up on one another. You’ll feel like hitting bricks if this happens. While we’re at it, we might also tell you that you should never hit a punching bag without having your gloves on.

Water filled box bags can be convenient for a variety of reasons. You can fill them up or empty them depending on your needs. Besides, their filling doesn’t stack or gather in one corner of the bag. So, there’s virtually no chance of you getting your hands hurt.

Installing the equipment

There are several ways of setting up your punching bag. One of them is to make it hang from the ceiling. You can also get a stand and at the same time, set it up on a wall. You’ll need a self-standing stand in the event that your landlord doesn’t allow you to drill holes through the walls or ceiling.

A good stand can cost as much as one hundred dollars, so you should add that to the list of expenses. It is very important to get a quality one, because if anything happens and the bag risks falling, it might do so on you and you’ll get hurt. Both the bag and the stand have to be as safe as possible.


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