What started as a quest to enjoy “safer smoking”—with reduced health risks—in 2003, has now developed into a culture, bringing out the creativity among entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and vapers.

At first, e-cigarettes resembled the structure of an ordinary cigarette. Then slowly experts began fiddling with cartridges, trying out different wicking materials, disassembling parts of the atomizer, and organizing forums to share what they had discovered. And now, mods are the order of the day for the regular vaper. Most tobacco users who try them enjoy their convenience and experience better vaping.

Modifying for fuller flavor

Still, others choose to modify their e-cigs to get a richer flavor and a better vaping experience. Akin to eating the same food, excessive vaping of a certain e-cig flavor may negatively affect the vaper’s tongue, as taste buds may become less sensitive to the vapor flavors.

Therefore, to prevent this and ensure you fully enjoy your e-liquid, here are some modifications you can apply on your e-cigarette:

1.- Try a hollow drip tip

A drip tip will allow you to directly add drops of e-liquid to your atomizer, which in turn enables you to enjoy larger vape puffs with more flavors due to less airflow restriction.

2.- Invest in quality batteries

It goes without mentioning that the bigger your mod’s battery capacity, the more satisfying puffs it can produce before the voltage starts to dip.

You don’t want to compromise on this. An excellent way to go about it is to shop online for quality mods with high-voltage and long-lasting batteries from vape stores like Vaporescence.

3.- Carefully choose your coil

Which coil do you use? There have been remarkable improvements in the development bottom-coil coils. With these coils, gravity works for you so that the wicks don’t have to suck the e-liquid up to the coil. It can be quite annoying to have this happen when at the peak of your vaping; a bottom-coil coil is your best remedy.

All-in-one kit for novice vapers

The above are only ways to care for your mod so you can get better flavor from it. But if you are relatively new to vaping and in search of a kit to start with, then you can go for the wide range of all-in-one kits that come complete with everything you need to start vaping except for batteries and the e-liquid.

An excellent recommendation is the Aspire Plato all-in-one kit. This vaping gadget has a temperature control device and can fire up to 50 watts. It also has adjustable air flow settings so you can enjoy you e-cig how you want it.

Whatever modification you do to your e-cig, make sure the e-cig parts you put to your unit are safe, reliable and can produce the level of flavor you’re looking for.

And make it a point to regularly clean your e-cig. Remember, that a dirty e-cig unit becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms. Therefore, it helps to have it cleaned after daily use or in case you wish to use it after keeping it a long time.


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