Whilst you may already know that selecting the ideal design for your tattoo is important as it’s a reflection of your memories, personality, beliefs, or ideals, there are some considerations which you may neglect to think about just because you are too busy making sure your tattoo design is perfect. This is completely understandable, of course, but it pays to know what other considerations you need to think about when planning your tattoo. Here’s a list which can help you out.

The placement of the tattoo

Thinking about the design of your tattoo takes centre stage, of course, but what about the placement? Whilst you can place it anywhere you want, remember that there are some areas which can be more painful when it comes to getting inked. If this will be your first tattoo, it’s better to think of an area which is fleshier and not too sensitive, particularly areas which aren’t right on or near the bone.

If you want a foot tattoo, this may be more painful than a calf tattoo since there are more bones in your foot. There are some locations which are more tender than others, including the above-mentioned foot area, the thighs, the ribs, and the inside area of the arms. If you don’t want your tattoo to hurt too much, you should avoid places where the bones can be too near the skin’s surface as well as areas which don’t get too much sun exposure.

The pain

A tattoo will be painful; there’s no going around it. But then again, it may not be as painful as you imagine. Still, it’s best to understand what you will be going through before you get your tattoo. Most individuals describe the pain of getting a tattoo as a kind of scratchy, tingly feeling, but it’s also mostly a dull, throbbing pain – until the needle penetrates an area too near the bone, a nerve, or when the same area is repeatedly penetrated by the needle – this is when it can become more painful, although it only lasts for a short time. If you are worried about the pain, you may ask the artist if they can apply a topical anaesthetic, or you can ask them if you can take painkillers (such as ibuprofen) beforehand, although this can also thin the blood.

Caring for the tattoo

Once your tattoo is applied, stay away from baths and pools for a few days, and keep out of the sun as well. The tattoo artist should give you some aftercare instructions, including when to remove bandages, when you can clean the area, and what you can use to keep it clean. Fortunately, there are some great aftercare products you can buy online, such as specially-made tattoo body washes and oils, tattoo care cream, and moisturisers.


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